Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Praised by “Idol” -juryn – went out anyway – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard broke TV4 rules to Matilda Melin would be part of the “Idol” again.

But in tonight’s episode takes her trip out before qualifying week.

– They had praised me all week and when I was there it was something completely different, says Matilda Melin Nöjesbladet.

Matilda Melin , 19, came sixth in “Idol” in 2013.

According to TV4′s rules should not apply to “Idol” if it has already been included in the program and placed among the top 20.

But this year, she received a new golden ticket of Alexander Bard , 54, at the home of her at the beginning of the season.

– Because it’s my last year in the “Idol” -juryn hell with the rules, then said Alexander Bard in the program.


In tonight’s episode however, took Matilda Melin’s journey ended, even before the qualifying week. The jury chose not to take her further in the competition.

– I was a bit concerned. After my solo performance as Bagge said to me that “you can sleep easy at night.” So I took it as it was pretty quiet when we would get the news. I was not disappointed, but it was more that I do not quite understand, she says to Aftonbladet.

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This section is more of the other participants noticeably surprised that Matilda went out and Pär Lernström asked her if she thinks that the jury considered her a little strange.

– I feel it was a little weird just. I find it a bit strange that they take me back and they said that I did very well and excelled. It was a bit oschysst replied Matilda.

repents not

Since then, Matilda Melin speculated on why she could not go on.

– It can be that he (Bard) agreed with the rest of the jury that I already did once and it does not work out. But I really do not know. They had praised me all week and when I was there it was something else entirely. At first I thought that maybe it was about to get a reaction from me, I would be sad maybe, I do not know. It could also have been that they just changed overnight.

Despite the jury’s statement regret she is not that she appeared again.

– It feels already that I have had my time and travel, so I’m really happy about it. It’s been great. There has nevertheless been a bit of an honor to have been chosen again, I think this is ascoolt.


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