Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The coup was resolved in – went out of the Idol before qualifying – Göteborgs-Posten

Matilda Melin coup was in Idol. Despite nothing but praise from the jury she went unexpectedly into Wednesday’s program.

– It was a bit oschysst, she said afterwards.

After Jury statement tried a disappointed Matilda Melin describe their feelings.

– It was strange that they took me back, said I excelled and so, just, “but you can not.” It was a bit oschysst.

Jury member Alexander Bard violated program rules when he went home to Matilda Melin in Östersund and gave her a golden ticket to the final audition. Melin finished sixth in 2013 and really get none have been top 20 in program search again.

Matilda Melin remember she was very surprised when Alexander Bard popped up.

– It was like when Bard stood there, it was just to say yes. It went pretty fast everything, but it felt good, she says.

You seemed surprised when you went out. What did you get for the explanation of the jury?

– I actually got no special explanation. I was a bit shocked because they had sounded so happy before.

production any more afterwards?

– No, I had no such response. It was a bit unclear to me. They might come to the conclusion that I had been once before and thought it was enough, I do not know.

Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of Idol, regrets that Matilda Melin felt oschysst treated.

– I have not spoken to her myself but it is obviously sad that she felt that way. The competition this year is really tough and a gold ticket is no guarantee that going on.

According Ytterborn felt the production was not the Bards coup.

– It was his own initiative. It came to our attention when she’s already been asked. Therefore, an exception was made.

Will you be clearer about what comes forward?

– We always inform jurors about the rules.

And then are free to break the rules without anything happening?

– Yes … this was like saying a coup from Alexander. And then we decided to make an exception.

Can we expect more such exceptions in the future?

– There’s nothing we’re planning for.

How do you think this affects the viewers ‘trust Idol?

– I do not think it disturbs the viewers’ trust at all. All compete on the same terms and the jury are experts at this.

With some distance to it all is Matilda Melin nevertheless satisfied.

– I was not disappointed yet, it feels as I have had my time and am completely satisfied with this time too.

Artist dream lives for Melin, who graduated last spring. Now, looms a move to the capital.

– I’ll write music and sit in a studio at St. Erik’s Square. Currently we are looking for a sound, making little songs and bounce ideas.

Facts: Qualifying Week

Next week there is live qualifying week, then 22 participants at 12.

In addition to the 20 who made it through the final audition will compete two participants progressed from Web tryouts.

Western Swedish participants in the qualifying week: Bori Shoyebo, Jonathan Jaarnek Norén, Rebekah Alestig Thunborg, Soha Akile and Amanda Winberg.


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