Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The film is a third rape “- Aftonbladet

“Linnea” raped in Bjästa turned the whole society against the victim.

Now, a feature film about the case – where family members are portrayed as alcoholics and pedophiles.

– The film is like a third rape, saying “Linnea” mom.

In an article in Aftonbladet describes “Linnea” Mom what she calling for a “third rape”: The feature film “The Herd” who had Swedish premiere on Friday.

– We have felt bad since January when we found out that the film existed and was already finished. Very worst feeling the Linnea who are stressed about being exposed like this. At the same time think both she and I feel it is fundamentally important to say no, say “Linnea” Mom told Aftonbladet

Do not approved

The director Beata Gårdeler has stated that it inspired several cases in addition Bjästa case in 2009, when 14-year-old “Linnea” was raped at her school and the entire district took rapist party.

But according to “Linnea” Mom’s right 80 percent of the film agree with what Linnea ran into – among other things, are the pillars of the screenplay that rape occurs on a school toilet as well as to society then turns against the victim.

– They have tried to get us to accept the film several times but we would obviously never do. We have met them three times and it’s obvious that they think the film is close to the truth if they invite us again and again, saying “Linnea” mom.

“Incredibly offensive”

The parts of the film that does not match Bjästa case describes “Linnea” mother who slander. In the debate article she writes that the filmmakers depict her “like a drunkard who believe that my daughter ruined my life. Her stepfather, my partner, has been in the film an incestuous relationship with my daughter. Of course, none of it true.”

– It is so incredibly insulting. It feels awesome to us that the public will not know what is truth and not. The common man can not determine what is libel, saying “Linnea” Mom, is aimed specifically against the film received 8 million in grants from the taxpayer-funded Swedish Film Institute.

In addition, says the family that the harassment has recurred – as they did after the rape in 2009.

– Since she was subjected as it has never stopped. Now it has risen again. It pulls at the door and there will be comments.

– Now repeat everything again. The film is like a third rape.

“Sets emotions”

The producer and the responsible publisher Agneta Fagerström-Olsson says that the film is not based on the rape of Bjästa 2009. She claims that there are several Similar cases have been taken inspiration from.

– Unfortunately, it is so deeply tragic that happening all the time, today and tomorrow. School toilet is the most dangerous place in school.

She does not take the criticism from the family.

– No, but I can understand that it evokes emotions. We have told a non-unique history and there are certainly many out there who are upset but we also hope that there are many who are grateful for what we have done.

Agneta Fagerström-Olsson denied that the production would have turned to family for approval.

– When it came out in the SFI that we had made this movie so took the family in touch with us and asked if they could see the movie.

So you had never contacted the family if they had done it themselves?

– That’s right.


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