Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Fooo are cute – but not ready for the Globe – Aftonbladet

They make no spectacular entrance.

Suddenly The Fooo there on stage and dance.

It will be symbolic of the entire concert.

Globe used to be an arena where international artists – often with long careers in the baggage – would occur.

So, it is no longer.

The first time that the boy band The Foo Conspiracy was on the Globe stage was as the opening act for Justin Bieber.

It was two years ago when the members were fifteen and sixteen years old.

Now, make up your own arena.

At least, audience-wise.

However, more than the number of spectators to be able to fill a stadium with a good show.

Not ready for Globe

Not that the devoted audience is more than happy to see Felix Sandman, Oscar Enestad, Oscar “OG” Molander and Omar Rudberg like that right up and down.

They are very cute and dances well.

The audience has probably the best night of their lives.

But it is not enough The Fooo stands on stage that there will be a show.

It takes actually a lot to fill up an arena Globen. There is a reason that artists play here, backed by live bands, singers and stage design.

There must be a pressure.

Here are usually artists to go up and down through the stage floor, fly out of the arena and take other magnificent trick to create a party.

The Fooo dance the most. Sometimes the strengthening of a dozen dancers but most often are the four guys alone on stage.

The music is prerecorded. The song never sounds stronger than so-so.

Successful interlude

It is clear that the group wanted to run a concert at the Globe when they got the chance. There is obviously a feather in the cap when they’ll try to break through internationally.

But The Fooo that tapes are not ready for this.

Petter appears as a guest when the guys running his “Of course,” and will then drive her single “We are”, while they change clothes. It is both unexpectedly and fun. Petty – who debuted with the album “Banana Republic” in 1998, the same year as Felix Sandman and Omar Rudberg was born – have the experience of filling out a scene.

His performances, however, shows even more clearly that one of the great costume rarely fits well. How sweet it is and how well you dance.


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