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Golden Lion for debut director from Venezuela – Daily News



     Lorenzo Vigas holding the Golden Lion.

         Lorenzo Vigas holding the Golden Lion.





Venezuelan debut director Lorenzo Viga won this year’s Golden Lion homoerotic thriller drama “Desde everyone” on Saturday night. Jury’s Grand Prize went to Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, however animated “Anomalisa”.




Venezuelan debut director Lorenzo Viga won this year’s Golden Lion homoerotic thriller drama “Desde everyone” on Saturday night. Jury’s Grand Prize went to Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson, however animated “Anomalisa”.

A complex, sensitive and smart thriller drama with dual-father complex. How would allow – among other things – be able to describe Lorenzo Vigas debut as a bit unexpectedly won the Golden Lion in Venice on Saturday night. In the movie plays Chilean star Alfredo Castro, a middle-aged loner who embarks on a slow flare relationship with a young man from Caracas tough streets.

The movie star and Gold Lions Jury member Diane Kruger was one of many who were impressed by Vigas debut:



– There is an incredible strength trainer and actor who managed to convey a deeply human story in an environment that felt new and exciting for us, says Diane Kruger, among others played in Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” and ” The Bridge “, the American version of Bridge.

” Desde all ‘(Far away) is not only a debut for director Lorenzo Viga, but is also Venezuela’s first competition film ever in Venice.

– Wow, wow! I know the film will be very well received in a country where we have had problems in recent years – social, economic and political. But I’m positive, we are a great nation and to begin to talk more with each other. I want to dedicate the price my country, Venezuela, says Lorenzo Viga when he received the Golden Lion at the Sala Grande which was fully illuminated in blue.

The film is based on an idea by director Guillermo Arriaga is best known for have written the script for the Birdman-director Alejandro González Iñárritus earlier films “Babel,” “21 Grams” and “loved the dogs.”

– I really want to thank Guillermo because he pushed me to the limit to get My obsession on paper when I was working on the script, says Lorenzo Viga.

During the filming he gathered film professionals from all over the South American continent.

– I like to gather and unite different people. It is something we should do more in South America. Despite the fact that we share the continent so we do not share each other’s culture. We should be more connected to each other, says Lorenzo Viga.

This year’s Gold Lion competition was However, the success of South America. Silver Lion for Best Director went to Pablo Trapero Argentinian kidnapping thriller “El Clan” is set during the military junta last year in the early 1980s. The film, which has already become a great success at home, about the notorious family Puccio that the military junta good memory kidnapped and murdered their victims after receiving the ransom.

That raised some eyebrows over to Amos Gitais preliminary tipped “Rabin. The last day “did not get a single price. At the subsequent press conference, Jury Chairman Alfonso Cuaron defend the decision:

– This is what happens in a democracy that our jury has been. Some like a movie, some not. Everyone must learn to accept the decision. But as you know, this is not a universal truth. Another jury had given a different result, says Alfonso Cuaron, who won the Oscar for best director with “Gravity” which opened the Venice festival two years ago.

Political themes are not a reason to either the give – or not give – a price, says Cuaron.

One of the pre tipped the favorites were not PORTIONLESS. Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson received the Jury’s Grand Prize for its charming and sophisticated animated however drama “Anomalisa” of a world-weary customer care consultant who meets the love of a hotel in Cincinnati.

Special Jury Prize was awarded to Emir Alper for “Abluka” which deals with terrorist hunting in today’s Turkey. Auteur Christian Vincent won the prize for best screenplay with his court drama “L’Hermine” which also gave Fabrice Luchini the male acting prize. Italian Valeria Golini won best actress for her role in Giuseppe M. Gaudinos “Per Amor Vostro”.

Golden Lion in 2015:

Golden Lion for best film: ” Desde everyone “directed by Lorenzo Viga

The Silver Lion for Best Director: Pablo Trapero for” El clan “

The Jury’s Grand Prize: Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson for” Anomalisa “

Actress Valeria Golini Giuseppe M. Gaudinos “Per Amor Vostro”

The Best Actors: Fabrice Luchini in Christian Vincent’s “L’Hermine”

Marcello Mastroianni award for best young actor: Abraham Attah in Cary Fukunagas “Beasts of no Nation”

Best Screenplay: Christian Vincent of “L’Hermine” (France)

The jury’s special: Emir Alper for “Abluka” (Turkey)

FIPRESCI Award: Marco Bello Chios “Sangue del mio sangue”






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