Sunday, September 13, 2015

TV4 answers the age of the criticism of “Idol” – Aftonbladet

Rabih Jaber require TV4 takes responsibility and raises the age limit in the “Idol”. Now answer the canal to the criticism.

– The candidates know that they can meet both praise and blame, says Clara Ytterborn, executive producer of “Idol.”

In a debate on SVT Opinion criticize the former” Idol “-deltagaren Rabih Jaber ” Idol, “which they consider too low a minimum age.

Among other things, describes Rabih Jaber how he sees the 16-year-olds shattered dreams come Friday entertainment.

Clara Ytterborn is the executive producer of “Idol,” and she does not give much for Rabih Jaber criticism.

– After eleven seasons, we believe that the candidates know that they can meet both praise and criticism inside of the jury. The singing up for the jury a sometimes certainly tough, but honest assessment. It is therefore important that parents of minors wishing to apply should think about whether their child is ready for it, she writes in a text message to Aftonbladet.

She also points out that TV4 very reason requires parental approval Applicants under 18 years.

Do not change the age limit

TV4 has no plans to change the age limit for “Idol”.

– But we respect Rabihs thoughts and reflections. It is important to highlight both how “Idol” is a school to realize their dreams but also a challenge and an intensive period of idols, writes Clara Ytterborn.


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