Saturday, September 12, 2015

Two dead after plane crash in film production – Aftonbladet

A plane used for Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s upcoming movie “Mena” has caved in Colombia.

Two people died in the crash.

Tom Cruise should not have been on board the plane, writes AP.

A small plane with three people, two Americans and a Colombian crashed in Colombia the night of Saturday Swedish time.

Two people died and a third was injured, writes the news agency AP.

The plane was used during the filming of the movie “Mena” with Tom Cruise in the lead role, but the actor should not have been involved in the fatal accident. Flights Authority has put the lid on, and employees must not talk about it crashed plane, said an official of the AP.

The plane took off from the city of Medellin. During the flight, the weather conditions have deteriorated, but there is as yet no official explanation for the accident.

Tom Cruise’s spokeswoman declined to comment, writes AP.


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