Monday, September 7, 2015

Won the award for best actress in Montreal – Aftonbladet

Several Swedish actresses hailed heavily in the film world.

The night got Malin Buska receive the award for best actress at the Montreal Film Festival for her role as Queen Kristina.

A role she on his own pulled out three teeth.

The Swedes Alicia Vikander and Rebecca Ferguson are two of the actors most talked about right now.

Now is the time for the next Swedish to bask, this time in Canada.

Malin Buska , 31, born in Övertorneå, won the night the prize for best actress at the Montreal Film Festival for his role as the Swedish 1600-century Queen Kristina in “The Girl king”.

“The girl King “is a collaboration between Canada, Germany, Finland and Sweden and the film cost just over SEK 50 million to record.

Drug teeth for the role

Nöjesbladet was in place when the movie was shot in Finland and when told Malin Buska her on his own pulled out three teeth before recording.

– Kristina wrote that she was ashamed of her teeth. That it affected her greatly, says Malin Buska. So I thought it was a good idea. I said nothing to Mika Kaurismäki (director, editor’s note.) Before. I removed two teeth on this side and a tooth here. They sat in the back and you can insert new ones. It gave me something to work with, she said then.

Micke Nyqvist are using

She had prepared thoroughly before she took over Greta Garbo old star role Kristina.

– I have not had a normal Malinliv in six months. Lived in Turku since October, isolated in a wooden house. Listened to music. Not seen on television. Not talked to anyone for weeks. I have read books about her, she told Aftonbladet in March last year.

Malin Buska was last seen at the cinema with “Flugparken” and has previously been featured in such films as “Easy Money – life deluxe”, “Happy end “and” Love Deluxe “.

Michael Nyqvist Axel Oxenstierna in the movie that gets its Swedish premiere in 2016.


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