Sunday, November 1, 2015

Appelquist hailed for asylum visit – Vasterbotten Courier

The comedian Kristoffer Appelqvist became curious about the new arrivals in their home Sunne – and decided to become acquainted with them. Facebook post where he talks about the visit of asylum accommodation together with his wife has now received over 4,000 shares and 37,000 appreciation.

– We want to show how little you can do and how much power it can get, he says to Aftonbladet.

Appelquist, known among other things, “Parliament” on TV4, was given a tour of the accommodation of asylum seekers and got to know several of them.

– We want to get into this with the neighboring perspective a little bit. That if you are new somewhere, you become very happy if someone comes and ping on and say hello, he says.

“Four adults and ten children have now changed the status of my head. From strangers to superficial acquaintances. Superficial acquaintances that I happily greet. Feels good, “writes Appelquist including on his Facebook page.


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