Sunday, November 1, 2015

Laila Bagge on the criticism of “Idol” -Amanda: “I am ashamed” – Aftonbladet

Amanda Winberg is one of the favorites in the “Idol”.

But online, she told that she is too cocky.

now raging Laila Bagge against the women who press the 19-year-old online.

In yesterday’s Friday the final was 19-year-old Amanda Winberg undoubtedly one of the big favorites. Her version of Dolly Parton hit “Jolene” blew the jury of the chairs and got Laila Bagge to exclaim, “you are so damned sexy.”

– I just go up and give everything so I was very proud and happy when I received good feedback, says Amanda Winberg.

What were you thinking when Laila said you’re sexy?

– Haha, I just thought ‘oh thanks the same, you’re also sexy Laila “. I was thrilled. It was lovely to say.

“I am embarrassed really”

But that’s not all share the jury’s exuberant feelings for Amanda Winberg. Among other things, she was criticized for her takes place and because she is too “cocky” and have a high opinion of himself.

The criticisms mainly discussed on social media makes Laila Bagge visibly annoyed.

– Here we have for once a girl who knows what she wants, dares to and kicks ass if I’ll be honest. Then you should immediately pressing to her that she should not think that she is nothing. And who is doing it? Well, there are other women. I am ashamed really over it.

That it is precisely women who criticize Amanda Winberg makes Laila Bagge even more upset.

– We women have to struggle so much for it to become an equal opportunities society and you stand and complain of men, and so on. But you can take and look at himself in the mirror and see what we do to each other.

“I’m a watershed if any”

Laila Bagge says she sees himself as a young Amanda Winberg and also last week sawed her criticism of “Idol” -deltagaren.

– Yes, but my God, I am well a watershed if any. Some hate me while some love me, ‘she says in Aftonbladet live broadcast.

Just because believe Laila Bagge that it is especially important to back Amanda Winberg .

– Absolutely, we need strong women in this country. Few young girls dare to say what they feel and think and take place. It makes Amanda. Therefore, I hope that other women do not see her as a threat, or thinks she is too cocky. For no, she is like any man.

– She has just put on the suit and the kill takes place. We should be proud that we have this kind of young women in Sweden.


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