Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CNN Breaking with comedians – Västerbotten Folkblad

News. Aftonbladet breaks his collaboration with comedian and writer Christopher “Kringlan” Smith after he went to the verbal attack on freelance journalist Victor Ore. Svensson also takes break from humorpodden “Little Train”.


“Little Train” is a humor podcast that are made in collaboration with Aftonbladet Culture since 2013. Every week the presenters and comedians, Kristoffer Svensson, Nanna Johansson, Liv Strömquist and Ola Söderholm itself an actual news events.

Along with Nanna Johansson participates Kristoffer Svensson in the “Little Train”, made in collaboration with Aftonbladet. When the paper would review Johansson and Svensson’s new novel “island peoples” was Victor Ore in, and it was Malm review that got Kristoffer Svensson go through the roof, writes Dagens Nyheter. He tweeted a picture of Ore and threatened freelance journalist would “get his face smashed”. Additionally, targeted Svensson further threatening messages against Aftonbladet’s cultural section Åsa Linderborg.

“The measure is full to the brim”

– We have had a great deal of patience with “Kringlan” under a longer time. Now is the last straw so we terminate the cooperation, says Åsa Linderborg to Dagens Nyheter.

She says that only cooperation with Svensson ends.

– “Little Train “can not be blamed for what he does. They must make their own decision about what to do.

“Little pinion” Facebook page writes Hosted by Ola Söderholm Kristoffer Svensson will not participate in this year’s remaining sections:

“We hope we can Podda together with Kringlan again later, but now we are going to run the remainder of the season without him, which is as long as our contract with Aftonbladet and (main sponsor) Graduates unemployment insurance applies. Then we will take a little longer Christmas holiday, and next season we’ll see how we’re doing. “

The publishing upset

The publisher Raben & amp; Sjögren, which publishes “island peoples”, also outraged over Kristoffer Svensson’s behavior and writes on Twitter:

“We are quite a distance from the distasteful and totally unacceptable posts. We will take the matter further. “

Svensson also involved in the Swedish Radio satire program” Public Service “in” Good Morning World. ” Olof Sjölander, acting head of the “echo” weekend programs, says to Swedish Radio’s “Culture News” that the editorial board will meet to discuss how to deal with the event.

“I was flabbergasted”

Christopher Smith has removed his menacing tweets, and writes on Twitter that he has asked all involved to apologize.

“I was just so amazingly flabbergasted over to get my own podcast sawn in Aftonbladet that I thought we had a partnership with, “he writes.


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