Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Farmer-Stefan sent home Marielle before the election – Aftonbladet

Marielle Sjölén had to leave the TV4′s “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

Stefan Hildingsson chose to bring forward the election to get more time with the other girls.

– It was when there were only three girls left that I discovered that it stopped at friendship, says Stefan Hildingsson Nöjesbladet.

It was no ordinary election Stefan Hilding’s , 31 yard this week.

In tonight’s episode of TV4′s dating soap “Farmer Wants a Wife” had viewers see when meat farmer sent home Marielle Sjölén , 25, ahead of schedule. Instead of collecting all the girls he chose to take her aside.

– I think we have so darn fun together. You are giggly like me. Then you can be calm, which I appreciate. But I want to be honest and I feel that it stays there. This is not fun and I think it’s better for both if I say it now, said Stefan Hildingsson to Marielle Sjölén in tonight’s “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

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Luckily proved friendship feelings to be answered.

– We clicked in any way but it felt more like friendship. Then I tried to find out if there was more than friendship. But it was as I thought, it was just friendship, says Marielle Sjölén Nöjesbladet.

“I was hoping he would show more”

Another reason for bringing forward the election was Stefan Hildingsson wanted more alone time with the other two girls who lived with him.

– It was when there were only three girls left that I discovered that it stopped at friendship with Marielle. Then it was better to put more energy into the other, says Stefan Hildingsson Nöjesbladet.

When Marielle Sjölén left the farm, she was hesitant about Stefan Hildingsson would find love in the program.

– Just then, I felt like he was equally to all. He’s a caring person. He wanted everyone who lived there would have been fine. We were more like a bunch of friends and I hoped he would show more for the girls and help themselves, says Marielle Sjölén.

Have seen afterwards

Both of them live in Hassela but they had never met before filming started. But Stefan Hildingsson said in the program that he would like to visit her after the program, so that his son can play with her children. But that has not happened. However, they have met each other by chance.

– We have met each other. We live in the same village, and when you are met with a big hug from Stefan. We have said that we should be viewed with the children but it has not yet happened. We have been busy, says Marielle Sjölén.

What’s wrong with the love today?

– I’m dating at full speed, she continues.


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