Friday, November 6, 2015

Comedy that does not gowns – Sydsvenskan

Initially feels Afghanistan as an original venue for a comedy, and the film portrays the adventurer, shady arms dealers, mercenaries and prostitutes who always seek out like flies to conflict zones. Gradually, however, it becomes an undistinguished feelgood story of a has-been and a broom talent who against all odds is a success. The film has taken inspiration from Setara Hussainzada as 2007, the scandalous success of reality “Afghan Star” when she ventured onto the dance movements in a country where women had just been allowed to sing in public, but the film’s feminist message is most varnish, and Salima becomes an exotic decoration without flesh and blood.

In contrast, Kate Hudson, the more playing time in the role of a happy prostitute – who falls in love with the thirty-year older Richie. Tiring.


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