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Georg Elser was 13 mins away from the blast Hitler in the air in 1939. “The Doom” -regissören depicting exciting the failed assassin could have changed history.




Johann Georg Elser was 13 mins away from the blast Hitler in the air in 1939. “The Doom” -regissören depicting exciting the failed assassin could have changed history.

Contrafactual reasoning in historical research are seldom productive – but sometimes can not help but get there. What had such happened if Adolf Hitler, November 8, 1939, left the beer hall Bürgerbräu in Munich thirteen minutes before the appointed time?

He had never survived the massive (and ingenious) explosive load joiner Georg Elser hidden in a pillar just a few meters from the rostrum. Had Elsers “terrorist attack” could have saved the Second World War, 50 million dead? Elsers bomb claimed eight lives – Adolf Hitler survived this attack, and at least 18 others (documented) attacks between 1933 and in 1945.



For Georg Elser was missing the then thirteen minutes.

After the murder, he flees to the Swiss border, stopped almost at random, arrested, imprisoned and brought to Berlin . There also throughout the rest of his family and relatives and old girlfriends to put pressure on George. He resists unimaginably long time.

The German director Oliver Hirschbiegel is best known for “The Doom – Hitler and the Third Reich” (2004) in which Bruno Ganz plays a convict battle Fuhrer during the last days in the bunker. When Hirschbiegel return to Germany’s dark history, he opens “Elser” magnificent with Hitler’s meeting with the attack, then works backward and forward in time. Both for portraying Elser and try to find his motives, but also to try to describe the forces, the meticulous precision that drove the German bureaucracy.

The police investigation is thorough approach by Johann Georg Elser, and refusing above all at the highest level to accept that he was completely alone. With all possible kinds of torture (this scene are really over jävliga even the most hardened) tried to get Johann Georg Elser to admit a larger international conspiracy.

In the interrogation room set Elser against two of the Nazi state’s worst offenders, Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller and the head of criminal police (Kripo) Arthur Nebe. Surprisingly, he lets Nebe get a bit of the good cop, while Müller more will look like the Nazi caricature he was.

Arthur Nebe was examples also head of Einsatzgruppe B, in just a few months in 1941 slaughtered 50,000 Russians, most Jews and Communists. He was also deeply involved in the Germans’ cruel euthanasia program.



The study on Elsers attacks increasingly politicized, it is incredibly exciting – you can probably find that Hirschbiegel’s (too) many flashbacks makes the whole film slightly tail heavy. Christian Friedel (praised the German Film Awards in 2015 for Best Actor) portrays Elser with a brilliant, impressive wingspan. Elser is really not very politically engaged, more interested in their music, their watches, friends and beautiful women. In the end, he realizes that something must be done – and that it is he who must do it.

Oddly enough (and in this hiding many questions) allows you Elser live until the spring of 1945. He placed among special prisoners at Dachau, with special privileges, he even had a small carpentry – the whole thing is really very odd considering his crimes.

The theories are, as I said many, one of his fellow prisoners, Martin Niemöller, respected priest and theologian, flatly stated after the war that Elser had acted on behalf of the SS. For the particular conspiracy enthusiasts there is plenty here to pounce on. Good luck.

View more. Three other films about the assassination attempt on Hitler:

“Valkyrie” (2008, with Tom Cruise)

“Georg Elser. Einer aus Deutschland “(1989, with Klaus-Maria Brandauer)

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