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The geniuses are speaking out in Gammels book – Vasterbotten Courier

A genius is someone who takes his own life. At least according to Moa Gammel date with the book “Geniuses” where she interviews her role models for creativity and motivation.


– As Ebba writes in the following words: they become a critical mass, one sees things not the individual, but structural.

Moa Gammel on the theme of the book “Geniuses”.

Born: 1980 in Stockholm

Background: Has been seen as Actor in including “Earth Scotland,” “Tommy” and “Love Deluxe”, but has also worked as creative producer for Håkan Hellström movie “Feel no sorrow” and “Tommy”. Write a feature film script based on Hjalmar Söderberg’s play “Gertrud” with Karolina Ramqvist.

Current project: Makes his debut as an editor and author of the book “Geniuses” where she interviews the 14 models in the cultural world of creativity and self-fulfillment.

Participants in the book are: Martha Tikkanen, Suzanne Brøgger, Ann Petrén, Birgitta Stenberg, Arbabi, Anna Odell, Lena Andersson, Aida Chehrehgosha, Suzanne Osten, Ann Heberlein, Pernilla August, Schyman, Malou von Sivers and Anna Serner. Afterword by Ebba Witt-Brattström.

In March 2014, just a few days after the first premiere episodes, take the podcast “Geniuses” on the list of the most downloaded programs in Sweden. In the hour-long interviews with, among others, Anna Odell, Pernilla August, Arbabi, Suzanne Osten, Ann Petrén and Schyman talking actress Moa Gammel of the creative processes and to take power over their own lives.

Moa Gammel describes experience as bewildering.

– As a public woman, you often sit and talk about men, kids and clothes, but when talking about what they love to create … well, it was intimately on a completely different way. They dared to expose things in themselves and show vulnerability, just to get that confidence felt enormously strong. I was very inspired, says Moa Gammel.

“geniuses” became the turning point

In the book “Geniuses” issued November 9 is the interviews updated and edited. Total includes the 14 question-answer calls and an afterword by literature professor Ebba Witt-Brattström.

In the preface Moa Gammel how she had long known that she does not own his own life, on the horizon, which shrank sometime in childhood when she became aware of what was expected of a girl. If the feeling of being at the mercy of the will of others and opinions during the modeling career and in the acting profession. Work on the “Geniuses” was a turning point.

– I have started to push more projects and have faith in what I have to say is interesting. That’s right not to reduce themselves before their own eyes, says Moa Gammel.

Red Wire

In talks with their idols she walks in on everything from how childhood has influenced their career choices to detailed questions about the set design, direction and policies. Märta Tikkanen is evidence of the Finnish Winter War influenced her as a writer and artist and photographer Aida Chehrehgosha reveal their control needs.

– We’re talking about skills and creativity, but also about how everyone has struggled to reach their positions. Many talk about the “first glance”, to be seen and how important it is that someone has accepted to take the place that you want. Many have been very lonely and missed groupings, women struggle more loneliness than men, the center went back in many stories, says Moa Gammel.

With the book she wants to also extend and challenge the genius of the concept.

– You often talk about creativity as something divine, but it is actually our job. It is all about hand strength, hard work, and thus differs not the creator of the reader, says Moa Gammel.


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