Monday, November 2, 2015

The Prodigy takes fire to Sweden – Helsingborgs Dagblad

This weekend it’s time for The Prodigy to play in Sweden for the third time in four years. Liam Howlett says that it is precisely on the scene as The Prodigy comes into its own.

– We would not exist if we did not play live. This could not possibly just be a studio project. We want to continue as long as possible, but we are realistic – it is the people who decide how long we’ll be there.

A decision The Prodigy however, took themselves to the latest full-length album will be their last. At the beginning of autumn came the news that henceforth only EP release or singles that apply.

– Album format is old now. They take too long to do and it just gets frustrating. I do not think anyone will be disappointed that we stop making albums, says Liam Howlett.

Liam Howlett points out repeatedly that music must have “the fire” – that it will burn, something he lacks of several of EDM producers in the current situation populate the charts.

– I have nothing against them personally, but I do not like the music. The problem with the EDM is that everything has suddenly gotten the label. There is a fly, it’s pop music and it must die out, now, he says.


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