Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ace Wilder: “I’m so cool!” – Swedish Dagbladet

Ace Wilder singing “Do not worry” in tonight’s race in the Eurovision Song Contest. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT

Two years ago lost Ace Wilder with a measly two points against Sanna Nielsen, who won the “Undo”. Now the goal is obviously to win, when the Eurovision Song Contest starts tonight.

– Yes, but I’ll be honest, it’s a lot of expectations. It is not good for the psyche to begin to focus on it’s competition and compare themselves with others.

“Do not worry” is a dance tune with the message, in the same genre as “Busy doin ‘nothin’ “: You should not worry, everything will be all right.

It is not a reprise of” Do not worry, be happy “, world hit with Bobby McFerrin in 1988? – Haha, maybe. In reality, I can get a little panic attacks and anxiety about the future. But then I say to myself that I should calm down for it’ll work out.

The text lines “I’m busy, busy, busy / Doin ‘nothin’ at all” made the song got the epithet “job refuses schlager “. Ace Wilder himself is not included on that line.

– No, it’s a bit ironic because I love working, driven and does not mind working 20 hours a day, as long as I know it pays itself.

Actually, do not take Ace Wilder race on Saturday so seriously. Another of her songs, “Stupid”, is to be included in the trailer for the new season of Lena Dunham hit television series “Girls”.

– Yes, it’s so fucking cool. I’m so cool, she exclaims and adds:

– I love the “Girls” as “high five” to me. I do not know if the song will be included in any of the sections. They are so secretive.

What do you 30 seconds before you go on stage? – Trying to breathe and go through the first line of text.

The last time you thought “fuck you”? – Yes, it was to all those who gave me negative feedback, did not believe me and thought the number was a little too complicated. I was so proud when we went on.

When Ace Wilder told that betting site Unibet tips that she is the one most easily get straight to the final will of joy howl and moan.

– Thank you, that’s very flattering that people believe in and I say nothing negative about it. The risk is just to relax and maybe not be as psyched. I avoid Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now. I’m all alone in the world, joking Ace Wilder.

the songs in tonight’s race in the Eurovision Song Contest

bathing nude

Artist: Samir & amp; Viktor

Songwriter: Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Wrethov

My gold

Artist: Pernilla Andersson

Songwriter: Pernilla Andersson, Fredrik Rönnqvist

Ain ‘ for no good

Artist: Mimi Werner

Songwriter: Mimi Werner, Göran Werner, Marcus Svedin, Jason Saenz


Artist: Albin & amp; Mattias

Songwriter: Albin Johnsen, Mattias Andreasson

Constellation Prize

Artist: Robin Bengtsson

Songwriter: Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Mark Hole, Martin Eriksson

Don ‘t worry

Artist: Ace Wilder

Songwriter: Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Anton Hard af Segerstad Ace Wilder , Behshad Ashnai


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