Saturday, February 6, 2016

Yohio dissed Anna Book in the new music video – now he asks for apology – Dalarna Newspapers

We told yesterday about Yohios new music video “Zchlagernörden” which he released in collaboration with Zlatan impersonator Johan Petersson, current from Channel 5′s “Partaj”.

In it, he sent a swipe at several schlager profiles. “Zlatan” shot footballs on, among others, Christer Björkman, Lena PH – and Anna Book.

Check out the full video here.

On the night before the video release was disqualified Book in advance from the Eurovision Song Contest since her contribution “Heaven for Two” already competed in the Moldovan “Mello” two years ago.

“I feel empty and numb – how should I proceed? “asked an inconsolable Anna Book on Twitter.

She took petningen hard and when Yohios lighthearted disseminated coincided with the washing of her, he asks now apologize.

– it was ready long before there even was talk about Anna Book would be disqualified by his song, he says.

reactions have been many social media.

– many have heard of and commented that Anna gets dissed in the video. I want to apologize to Anna Book then maybe was not as funny now that she could not compete, he said.

– I hope she does not take it so seriously and even laugh at the fact Christer Björkman also gets a wallop in the video.


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