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Anna Book contribution in Melodifestivalen “Heaven for two” washed. – Aftonbladet

Anna Book contribution in Melodifestivalen “Heaven for two” safe.

The following Nöjesbladet revealing that the song has already competed in Moldova’s selection for Eurovision.

– Anna Book is obviously completely devastated, says executive producer Christer Björkman at a press conference.

on Saturday would Anna Book , 45, will compete with “Heaven for two” written by Sven-Inge Sjöberg , Lennart Wastesson , Larry Forsberg and Camilla Läckberg .

But at a press conference Thursday morning announced Christer Björkman , which is the executive producer Anna Books contributions disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest.

– We listened to what we could find, and it turns out that it is identical to the premium Submitted to us, he says.

and goes on.

– we contacted the artist and all the authors, and was forced to announce that this song is disqualified. As an artist, I must say that I am absolutely devastated at having to do this. But this disclosure principle, is one of the most basic we have. It has the precise and identical design has been published. There is no alternative, he said.

Anna Book has now been offered to act as an artist during the evening but must not compete with the song “Heaven for two”. Anna Book will not yet ruled on the offer but said to be devastated.

– Anna Book is obviously completely devastated, and I am too. She has been charged for this for four months. Clearly it’s terrible, says Christer Björkman.

It also tells her husband.

– Anna feel terrible! It is crazy that they have a song that has already been through and given it to Anna, her husband Roberto Toledano

Göteborgs Posten.

it was earlier Thursday that Aftonbladet could reveal that her song has already competed in the Moldovan selection for the Eurovision song contest 2014.

as competed artist Felicia Dunaf with the song “Taking Care of a broken heart “, a song that is identical to Anna Books contributions except for the English text.

” We have just become aware “

the songwriters are also largely the same, according to Moldovan TV company’s website where the song is still possible to listen to.

However, with a completely different lyricists, not Camilla Läckberg, which reportedly told Aftonbladet was hired to write the Swedish text as late as last summer, .

– We have just become aware and must ask to return, says Melodifestivalen manager press Lili Assefa Nöjesbladet.

the Moldovan song is also available on Youtube.

the rules of the Eurovision song contest as well as the Eurovision song contest is crystal clear. The song that competes may not previously have been publicly or published.

Last year ended Hasse Andersson’s “Gold and green forests” in a similar situation. Songwriters had earlier given out basically the same song with a Japanese pop group. Then saw SVT condone foul, claiming that only certain parts of the song were the same, but that song was so reworked that it could not be considered the same.

“The grant has attended”

in the case of Anna Book is the only text that is not the same, melody line is identical.

SVT has now called for a press conference at 20:15 in the evening on the occasion of Anna Books contributions. In a press release confirming SVT that “the contestants contribution” Heaven for Two “has participated in the Moldovan tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014″.

Nöjesbladet looking Anna Book for comment.

the text is updated .

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