Thursday, February 4, 2016

Camilla Läckberg: Does not always work as planned – Aftonbladet

Anna Book would have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday with “Heaven for two” – but the contribution was disqualified.

Camilla Läckberg is one of the songwriters behind the disqualified grant.

– Incredibly sad but without the guilt of anyone involved, she writes on Instagram.

author Camilla Läckberg Sven-Inge Sjöberg , Lennart Wastesson , Larry Forsberg is the songwriters behind “Heaven for two”.

singer Anna Book would have competed with the song in the Eurovision song Contest on Saturday but was disqualified during Thursday evening.

“Yes, you guys. Things are not always as planned. We got tonight told that our lovely song is disqualified from that race, “writes Camilla Läckberg in a post on Instagram.

” Nobody knew “

She also tells the background.

“It is extremely common in mello circuits to tracks sent to several countries as grants. So was also made with this as it was sent in 2014 by Larry, Sven-Inge and Lelle to Moldova contest. They were told that it does not come with, and then it was according to all the rules are free to submit to Sweden. And it was in this position since Anna Book was asked if she wanted to do it, and I was asked to write a Swedish text, “she writes.

She says that no one can be singled out as guilty of Disqualification .

“What no one knew, however, was that Moldova, online published the 40 contributions that were closest to come by. This was discovered then in the evening and, according to SVT’s rules was therefore an obvious disqualification. “Writes Camilla Läckberg.

She does not think anyone should be singled out as guilty of låtmissen.

“most boring Anna”

“Incredibly sad but without the guilt of anyone involved. Most boring it is of course for Anna who worked hard and worked for four months with this performance and she also love the song so much. “She writes.

And goes on.

” So everyone our hearts go out to Anna who received the hardest blow to us all evening. But we hope she still have the energy to recharge and run the song on Saturday, she has the opportunity. She must decide for yourself but I think many of you out there share my opinion, “she writes.

She ends with a peppery spirit message to Anna Book.

” Go out on Saturday Anna and kick ass! “

” and she will certainly be happy if you send a little pep her way, “she writes.


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