Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Charlotte Perrelli: “I have right on my side” – Aftonbladet

Charlotte Perrelli may not be the host of “Eurovision Song Contest”.

The reason is SVT’s contract miss.

– I could go on with this if I had wanted to, she says.

Charlotte Perrelli would have been the host of “Melodifestivalen” race in Malmö together with gina dirawi . But today came the news that she poked due to SVT’s contract miss.

– They have done a clumsy faux pas simply and it does not work I do starts hosting. But we have been writing about the agreement and I have got a new role, so to speak, says Charlotte Perrelli.

How do you feel?

– Now it feels it is great, because now I get to do more of what I actually do. Now I get the chore with just artistry and also get more space. There will not be much difference. I will not stand idly by Gina and say hello and welcome. I would also have made three or four PAOR who smokes.

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” I have been in the middle of the dry “

The scenes around her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday to be included in the program.

– It is not such a big deal for me as it allows for all Other. It feels like the world is to stay a little bit but it’s not for me. But as compensation we will do so that I do some more stuff. And because all of these trips will be rather fun hints about it too. So for me it does not feel any pain at all, she says.

Although it is thus SVT’s fault, stopping her participation as host knows Charlotte Perrelli no grudge against the TV channel.

– Absolutely not, I have my on dry land. I have a contract and have checked this with the lawyer so I know I have right on my side, which SVT also know.

There should have been no conflict.

– They are incredibly grateful and happy that I am courteous and do not fight for this. I could go on with this if I had wanted. But it’s not interesting for me to fight, but now we have found a method that works great. It will not be much difference, I think. People will definitely do not feel that I’m not on TV, says Charlotte Perrelli.

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“Why should I be blamed?”

When did you have contact with lawyers?

– When we signed the contract, I already knew long ago that this is an agreement that applies. Otherwise, one might not have dared to sign contracts against giants such as SVT. But we have also checked the contract for care.

Charlotte Perrelli says that she was suspicious of the current advertising campaign.

– Yes, but that’s why I brought it up. I collaborate with several companies knew that this campaign would go out and that was why we were so tremendously clear.

Was it important that SVT was clear that they had done wrong?
– Yes, absolutely, why should I be blamed for something I have not done? There’s no reason, she says.

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