Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The first participant in the “Let’s Dance” in 2016 – Aftonbladet

Pia Johansson is one of the celebrities who will dance in this year’s “Let’s Dance”.

It revealed TV4 on Wednesday evening.

– it feels great, it will be so fun, she says to Aftonbladet.

it was eight o’clock on Wednesday evening as TV4 released the name of the first participant in the ” Let’s dance “in 2016.

Hallåan Carin da Silva , 31, who has danced in the program told the actor and comedian Pia Johansson , 55, is first name on this year’s list of participants.

Carin da Silva has been a dancer for three seasons of “Let’s dance”.

And Pia Johansson took the opportunity to ask if she has any tips.

– to always look a little pee out, said Carin da Silva.

– it will go great this, said Pia Johansson, who also took the opportunity to dance a little for TV viewers .

Have been asked earlier

And Pia Johansson looking forward to go out on the dance floor.

– it feels great, it will be so funny.

have you been asked before?

– Yes, I’ve got some time and then, at regular intervals. But now I’m mature, mainly because I have time to be with. Then I have always been curious why everyone is so excited that is included in that program. There seems to be some happiness hormones are formed and people who have been with the former saying that it is so much fun and I think that I want it, says Pia Johansson Nöjesbladet.

“I trampled him on his toes”

she says that she does not have much prior knowledge.

– I have danced in my profession, then took a few steps and stuff but ballroom dancing, I have never done more than we would make a roll in the musical “smiles”. I would dance with Dan Ekborg at the end and he still complained that I trampled him on his toes. Then once you’ve danced jazz ballet and classical ballet when you were little and so, she says.

Want to dance jive

Pia Johansson does not want to reveal who she is going to dance with. However she says the dances she looks forward to the most.

– The fartiga dances like the jive, I like when there is energy. But looking forward to all and no, she says and laughs.

– I hope my dance partner is educational. I have difficulty with that to count and add it where choreographic map. I do not remember choreography anymore, she says.

How much will you practice?

– How much I can and can because I want so much to learn me. So I think the opportunity to take every opportunity I get. It is only safe to be in the two programs then you can go out actually, and then maybe you do not have time to learn everything.

Pia Johansson is known from, inter alia “Parliament” in TV4 and the films “Little Jönssonligan the camp “and” Gota canal 2 – channel the fight. “

It is unclear when the” Let’s dance “will premiere.


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