Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Charlotte Perrelli poked from popular music – Aftonbladet

Melodifestivalen editorial have had emergency meetings. This is due Charlotte Perrellis contract with Comviq.

Now poked her from popular music.

– Occasionally gets it wrong and we SVT takes us there, writes Anette Helenius on SVT in a press release.

On 13 February would Charlotte Perrelli have stood on the Melodifestivalen stage as the face of SVT’s big flagship.

At the same time she breaks the public service company’s strict rules on the host may not be apparent in the context of advertising (pop star buys prepaid advertising Comviq).

She is now in its duties SVT.

– I can only refer to that we have done everything according to the agreement which we have included all of my promotional mission authorized by SVT but it is of course disappointing that SVT made a contract failure that affects my program management involvement. I look forward to my expanded artistic performances in the program, says Charlotte Perrelli in a press release.

signed an agreement

In November 2015 included SVT and Perrelli an agreement governing her participation as host and artist in the second race. The agreement is inscribed the advertising assignment Perrelli has and these must be agreed by SVT, according to a press release with sender Lili Assefa , which is a press contact for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The agreement has been renegotiated so that Program guide portion is replaced with an expanded artistic part.

– Occasionally gets it wrong and we SVT takes us there. We ask Charlotte sorry that it emerged as the breaching party, which is not the case. At the same time, we regret the negative publicity that Charlotte received in recent days. Yesterday met Charlotte and SVT to resolve the situation in the best way, which resulted in the parties renegotiated agreement where Charlotte will have an expanded role as an artist in the program, says Anette Helenius , SVT’s project manager Eurovision Song Contest, in the press release.

“feels great”

Aftonbladet was the first to tell you about Perrellis collaboration with Comviq, and breach of contract.

On Instagram writes Perrelli:

– I will not be the host next Saturday … because of SVT’s agreement failed. However, my artistry expanded during the evening and I will participate in several numbers and other efforts that we write about and working on. This feels great and really fun! It fits me like a glove.

Joakim Jordansson , the Perrellis management company, said:

– SVT has not violated the agreement, but we have been friendly and renegotiated it, he says.

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