Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Brave and talented Flowerpower debut – Swedish Dagbladet


271 s .

U nga Bluebird live on the island. Where all the “giggles kåtfnitter” is sweaty and naked, having sex when and before anyone and do not care about money and career. A Flower Power -paradis.

Bluebird feels wrong. She longs away, to the city. There’s probably no dedicated to the “perfection”, ie six, that her parents are so disappointed that she shuns. The city is all dressed and like her, focused on numbers. Hope Bluebird.

Erika Bernalts debut novel “Blue Bird” is an explosion of emotions, colors and pleasures, as packed with psychedelic drugs. Perhaps this is all just one long surreal sequence in the protagonist Bluebirds head?

The city painted up with extra everything. Train in the air, the silvery treadmill where inhabitants hurry up, flashing billboards, huge shopping centers and people who drink slushys in screaming colors in big plastic glasses. The city is situated, as well as island, not geographically, but reminiscent of a mega-city in Asia.

The townspeople look down on those who are from the island, so Bluebird is located in order not to show his background, cut off his long, dark hair, provides new, pastel-colored clothes. The word “trendy” becomes her guiding light.

Bluebirds calls “Bird,” which plays the role of her subconscious, is that America Letters or contemporary refugee sms to their home country. She has a lot of friends and go on fun festivities. There, she says, anyway. The reality is different, often unpleasant. Bluebird is out here. As it can feel to be alone in a new environment, but also to becoming an adult and try to find themselves and the rules for their own body and sexuality.

Amidst all this are shards of social criticism of capitalism, xenophobia, gender roles and careerism. The book is also a depiction of country versus city and “Bluebird” can be read as a natural vurmande, green wave-novel. Erika Bernalt portrays addition, the relationship between animals and humans. Is not vegetarian will be there when the Bluebirds colleagues slurp up the different animals in kontorskomplexets lunch room. On the island do not eat their friends.

Everything is told with a targeted du-spoken, as if a film director controls the Bluebird. So this might sound: “You run and run and run, right into the jungle forest, into the darkness, into the carnivorous flowers grinding, to the birds and insects mating nest. The longest in until you have to stop and throw up. “

I want to continue to quote despite everything that Erika Bernalt put just become the novel is not overloaded, but immersive. The author himself seems by no means directed, but more obrydd, daring and reckless inside its own route. You can imagine influences that Sara Stridsberg. The language does not quite reach to Battle’s level, but Bluebird is so where the beautiful and magnificent in the midst of the tragic and sordid as Battle’s novels can be. The depiction of the island in addition to mind the future of the creatures in Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddamtrilogi, peacefully going around and sway with her big blue penises.

The book’s rapid flow is impressive, but occasionally had it gladly got slowed to catch more depth. Instead of reach under all the trendy reader ports most often in another scene. Because this is a novel that contains many, many sex scenes. They are certainly varied described – and Erika Bernalt not qualify for the notorious price Bad Sex in Fiction Award – but ultimately it feels a little tiring.

Overall, the “Bluebird” still an unexpectedly own, brave, talented and exhilarating debut. After the last page, I want back, into Erika Bernalts twisted language and fantasy worlds.


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