Thursday, February 11, 2016

Denniz Pop and Leila K is selected in the “Swedish music hall of fame” – Aftonbladet

Yesterday, Max Martin Polar Prize.

Now select producer colleague Denniz Pop into the Swedish music hall of fame – along with the scandalous artist colleague Leila K.

Other names courtship music producer in the parlor is Siw Malmkvist and Owe Thörnqvist.

Nine new Swedes who contributed to the history of music has been elected to the Swedish music hall of fame.

Music producer Denniz Pop is one of them. During his years in the music business, he wrote and produced songs for including the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Leila K – although she is elected. Pop also produced Ace of Base world will find “All That She Wants” and “The sign”.

– I feel incredibly honored and amazing. A very humble feeling that Dad must be among these magnitudes, says Denniz Pops son Daniel Volle.

In the mid-90s collaborated Denniz Pop with star producer Max Martin, who yesterday received the Polar Music Prize. Together they worked on Cheironstudion in Stockholm by 90 century’s greatest artists.

– It feels incredibly awesome that Martin got it, actually. Not more than right. It’s a blast to the result or fruit of the father passed on and that it be honored in such a big way, says Daniel Volle.

Leila K broke through with his participation in Rob’n’Raz-single “Got to goat”. This was followed by several international hits with songs like “Electric”.
Leila K’s life was marred with problems after the success. She has been homeless and has also been convicted of shoplifting.

Among the year’s name also ties Kent and Sven-Ingvar. And revue artists Karl Gerhard and Barbro Horberg.

In the company of pianist and composer Monica Dominique will hang on the wall downstairs in the ABBA museum in Stockholm.

The award was instituted to demonstrate meaning, the breadth and richness of Swedish music history. In order to be selected into the “Swedish music hall of fame” have music creator disc debuted at least 20 years prior to the distribution.

This year’s ceremony is the third one.


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