Thursday, February 11, 2016

Television fraction of: Channel 5 back for 800,000 customers – Aftonbladet

You can now SEAT ONESELF you in your living room again!
Discovery Networks, which owns including Channel 5 and Channel 9, has reached a settlement with Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital.
This means that 800 000 customers get the channels back.

On February 1, vanished popular channels like fifth grade and ninth grade from Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital’s range. The reason was that the holding company Discovery Networks, Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital failed to agree on a new contract.

But now quarrel over.

– We have a solution and it’s really nice. First and foremost, we are very happy that the channels are back and that we found an agreement that safeguards the customers, says Aron Samuelsson , Press Manager at Telenor, which owns Bredbandsbolaget.

New contract

Broadband company writes in a press release that the companies agreed on a new distribution agreement. This means that Discovery Networks channels are making a comeback on TV for about 800 000 customers.

– We are pleased to have reached the Discovery and we agreed a new long-term contracts where we defended our customers’ interests. There is pressure to increase the price of the program content, not just from Discovery, and it is important that we negotiate with all right-holders to keep a good pricing for customers, says Jonas Jegerborn , Bredbandsbolaget’s CEO, in a comment.

Although the channel owners Discovery Networks sent out a press release in which CEO Jonas Sjögren are pleased that the channels are back on the distributors’ platforms again.

– we really shared the disappointment that our viewers experienced during the time they could not see their channels and favorite programs, he said.

Long negotiations

the negotiations have been going on since the turn of Norway between management .

– There are two major companies that negotiated with clients and viewers in focus. This resulted unfortunately in a conflict, but now there happily, a solution which also has viewers and Canal Digital and Bredbandsbolaget’s customers in focus, says Dan Panas , press manager for Discovery Networks.

Already on Thursday morning began the channels come back to households and within hours calculated all have access to the lost channels again.

– We will as a gesture to customers continue frivisa multichannel month, says Aron Samuelsson .

TV altercation has taken many twists and outraged viewers around the country.

– we have not been consistent and we have not hymlat with. Forward, we want to focus on our long-term contracts. There is no reason not to have a good dialogue forward, says Aron Samuelsson.

If the new agreement involves no price increase is nothing Bredbandsbolaget mention at this time.

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