Friday, February 12, 2016

Experienced trio makes “popopera” in Malmö – Sydsvenskan

– We play for our audience, if they like the song, no matter what happens in the race, then we still won in the end. But we would be asglada if we still went to the finals, says Patrik Isaksson.

But the trio have no ambitions to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

– the purpose of this is to show people that we work together, we have a song and it maybe more. People ask if we want to win, that’s not why we’re having but setting it up, there is the risk that you will win, says Tommy Nilsson.

– We are willing to take that risk, tabs Isaksson into .

The three talented singers have known each other a long time and toured together. The atmosphere between them is easy-going.

– I remember when we put together the song list to a gig, 21 hits, all of which were top ten on the charts, says Patik Isaksson.

– Yes, and so we ran after some of your songs, too, joking Tommy Nilsson.

that they would stand in the Eurovision song Contest as a trio, however, was not obvious.

– But we sat in a meeting and we said ‘why not?’. We did a song and sent it to all the others and then we did not know that we came up with until a few days before the press conference where the songs were presented, says Patrik Isaksson.

their contributions, “Hold my heart hard,” is a ballad in which each of them will come up with its expression.

– Uno part is very Uno, Tommy’s beginning is very much Tommy and so meet the choruses in some form of Isaksson-Robbins country, says Patrik Isaksson.

– It’s a beautiful song, a little dramatic, almost like a popopera says Marty Robbins.

the textual theme is love, but in a new way, according to the trio.

– most love ballads is all about new-found and lost love, it is very often it is about what is right in. When you’re our age and you wake up on the couch and the kids are half-sized and you look up and “yes, there you are I met ten years ago, what are we talking about now? “says Tommy Nilsson.


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