Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Frivisning of sports channels upsets – Aftonbladet

The contract row between Telenor and Discovery Networks has still not been resolved, and 800 000 households can thus still unable to watch channels such as Kanal 5, Kanal 9, Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel.

Instead invited customers on sports channels – something that upsets many.

The customers affected by television fraction are watching TV via Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital, as these are owned by Telenor, which thus is still in negotiations with the Discovery Channel.

Although the Viasat customers are affected to some extent. On their website you can read:

Viasat customers affected, unfortunately, of the ongoing conflict between Telenor and Discovery Networks. This means that Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD lacking in your selection until further notice. We hope obvious that the parties reach a solution soon, so that our customers can watch on Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD again. “

How the affected customers are compensated depends on the provider and the channel packages they had before channels extinguished down.

“I’m actually angry”

Canal Digital offers such customers a bunch of sports channels while negotiations are ongoing. Those who had not previously channel package C More Sport gets nine new channels to watch – all about sports. Something that least annoy some of the customers.

Among the comments on the Canal Digital’s Facebook page is among other things to read:

“I actually get angry! Have been a customer of yours for over ten years, but when you get a fucking sports channel as payment, I take that as an insult. So now it’s changing suppliers “ and ” Do not you see that it is essentially the choice to throw at us sports package people vomit over in this situation? Not heck drops you well a penny of revenue if the choice would be to open up everything? “

Canal Digital will answer the criticism through his website:

This compensation is a temporary solution and we are aware that it does not fit all “ and” we continue to negotiate with full force to our customers prices will be affected as little as possible and to channel soon to be returned . “

Strong reactions on social media

Even Bredbandsbolaget has chosen to throw in the C More sports channels as compensation to affected customers. They also serve on MTV , National Geographic, Paramount, and Fox. Those of Bredbandsbolaget’s customers who have an HD box also get channels Comedy Central, Nat Geo Wild HD, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon and VH1. Despite this, reacts customers strongly also on their facebook page.

“Could you imagine to put in some movie channel instead of a bunch of sports channels” and “ Good to see you standing on your site, but do your frivisningskanaler with just sport is poor compensation , read some of the comment area.

TV fraction Host into the TV giants crossfire

‘Half is not a sport “

Telenor, which then owns the distributors Canal Digital and Bredbandsbolaget, believes that the compensation packages offered not only includes sports.

– Half of channels we offer may be sports, but half are not sports. We have put together a compensation package for the contracts and possibilities. This is simply what we can find on until we reach a solution with Discovery Networks, said Telenor’s press officer Aron Samuelsson.

How is it that Bredbandsbolaget’s and Canal Digital’s customers do not receive the same compensation package, although both are owned by Telenor?

– Because it’s different companies competing against each other, says Aron Samuelsson.

Viasat offers customers its own channel Viasat Series in two weeks.

Telenor: Concerns million The war of words: “The fight is about two per customer”


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