Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heaven for two “with Anna Book disqualified from Eurovision 2016 … – Sveriges Television

Anna Books contributions in the first round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is disqualified. It announced Melodifestivalen executive producer Christer Björkman at a press conference in Gothenburg on Thursday evening.

The song “Heaven for Two” has been submitted with English subtitles and disqualified because it is already published. Here you can read a summary of what Christer Björkman told the press conference.

– For two hours ago, we were informed that it had been with the Moldovan selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. As we listened, we heard that there the premium is identical to the contributions that were Submitted to us. We contacted and met the artist and songwriters and was forced to announce that the contribution is disqualified.

– As an artist, I am devastated at having to do this, but this disclosure principle is one of the most basic rules that we have, and the song has been published in identical performance, so we have no alternative.

Will Anna somehow be invited to perform the song anyway?

– we has offered her to be a guest performer out of competition, but she will not answer that tonight. She is so shocked that one can not demand it. We’ll see how he feels tomorrow and agrees to the offer then.

How do you fill the hole that occurs in the program if she did not participate?

– we have no answer to right now.

how Anna Book this and how propped her?

– she has been charged for this in four months. She’s obviously devastated. There are support bodies that have been offered to her.

What are the songwriters themselves said?

– They were a long way, but not in the final qualifying round Moldova. In their world, they have not been involved and competed with the grant. The difference here is that the TV company put out the last 40 entries in the competition online, as far as I understand, and then the course has been published.

What SVT control system to verify that the songs have not been previously?

– We receive 2500 grants each year. The fact that they are submitting certify each author writing that song is not published, and we must be able to rely on. When this is the first time that has happened, we take it with us and see if we are in a safer way to control it. The new time is sent songs over Europe without having control over how they use the material there.

What is the difference with the case of Hasse Andersson’s contributions last year?

– the fundamental difference between the situations. In Hasse’s case, there were many similarities, but there were still big differences. In this case, it is an identical effect.

What do you feel yourself for the responsibility that this situation has arisen?

– The fact that it has occurred I have not quite responsible, but I feel an incredible responsibility for Anna’s situation. The authors have also not had any evil intention in this, they have not thought that song was with.

There are no reserve?

– It is such a giant set to stage this kind of act. It is far too complicated to pinpoint a grant to attend on Saturday now.


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