Monday, February 1, 2016

Here are the TV channels you get in place after the altercation – Expressen

Discovery Networks and Telenor is now in a big brawl with each other. Discovery wants more compensation from Telenor, which the Norwegian giant should have refused to go along with.

As the parties have not found a solution before the night to Monday – the channel 5 and Discovery Networks, the supply disappears down 900 000 Swedes.

“As a plaster on the wound”

Now, Canal Digital, owned by Telenor, has sent out an email to their customers telling us that they will view multiple other channels for free – until the conflict has reached a solution.

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“We understand that it is difficult to replace Discovery’s channels, but that patch the wounds we give you the other channels from our selection. If you have broadband television or cable television with digital box, we will from Monday afternoon frivisa these channels, “reads in the mail.

It’s about you is a customer of Canal Digital Kabel you, among other things, will see MTV, National Geographic, Fox, C More live and C More Sport for free. Instead, you can set your channels via satellite, you will get access to the C More sports package – or ten free movie rentals.

Bredbandsbolaget also offers free channels

Even Bredbandsbolaget, which is also owned by Telenor, the free view multiple channels while the conflict continues.

In an email to Expressen writes company including Comedy Central, C More’s entire sports package and VH1 will frivisas.

Stone Tough negotiations

The fierce negotiations between Discovery Networks and Telenor has been going on for over two weeks. The parties have met in Norway to resolve the conflict have failed to find a solution.

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What will happen during the day is still unclear, but both Channel 5 and Telenor have promised that they will do their best to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible.

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