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Signe Anderson of Jefferson Airplane’s death – Expressen

Signe Anderson, the original singer of the classic band Jefferson Airplane, has passed away.

The mysterious death occurred the same day as a band colleague Paul Kantner went away.

Several US media reports that Signe Anderson, who sang at the Jefferson Airplanes debut album “Jefferson Airplane Takes Off” of 1966 has passed away.

Some causes of death has not yet been published but Signe Anderson’s band colleague Jack Casady have stated that the singer has had health problems in recent times.

Signe Anderson passed away on 28 January. It’s the same day as Paul Kantner, guitarist of Jefferson Airplane, died of cancer.

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Signe Anderson hailed on Facebook

On Facebook hailed Signe Anderson Marty Balin, vocalist and guitarist of Jefferson Airplane:

A sweet lady has passed away. I imagine how she and Paul wakes up in the sky and says, ‘Hey, what are you doing here? Let’s start a band together.’ And Spencer is having. I send loving thoughts to their loved ones , “writes Marty Balin.

Marty Balin aimed at Spencer Dryden, drummer for Jefferson Airplane who passed away from cancer in 2005.

Paul Kantner died after suffering a heart attack.

Jefferson Airplane formed of Kantner and Balin

It was Paul Kantner and singer Marty Balin who formed the Jefferson Airplane. The band’s breakthrough came with the second album “Surrealistic Pillow”. Then had Signe Anderson replaced by Grace Slick.

Jefferson Airplane played among others at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 and is said to have given one of the mythical festival’s best shows. A few months later, the band was involved in organized Altamont Free Concert – an unknown festival which was huge violence affected.

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Among Another Marty Balin was knocked unconscious by the Hells Angels members who had been hired as security guards.

Jefferson Airplane disbanded later. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick went together like Jefferson Starship, but did not manage to Jefferson Airplanes success.

1996 elected Jefferson Airplane into the Rock & amp; Roll Hall of Fame.


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