Thursday, February 11, 2016

Isa mash all resistance – Aftonbladet

Malmo . What would be the position if it were a football game?

After the first half?

Isa – rest: 11-0.

Actually competed Polar Prize winner Max Martin sidekick Shellback in the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

They just did not know about it.

But it was Covern Taylor Swift “Shake it off”, cleverly enough, renamed the “Do not stop” in the competition – theft should preferably not be too obvious – who took Isa to the final.

When your own ideas run out, it is perfectly possible to draw an American smash hit.

Everything is, as they say, is permitted in love, war, professional wrestling and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Then, no one knew who was Isa. This year, she is a big favorite. The winning odds are soon lower than the Swedish key interest rate. And it is well deserved.

The bombastic ballad “I Will Wait” is a clever twist on it as Sia or Ariana Grande usually deliver on the radio . Like any modern contributions should song go home on Spotify and the Eurovision Song Contest.

That is to say, the contribution should remind the international smash hits and have a visual idea.

“Don ‘t stop “was spun sugar is” I will wait “more, well, salty liquorice. Isa chooses a more serious and more dramatic way this year. On stage, she holds a shadow of his hand, and even the hair has a darker shade.

In addition, people she with impressive confidence.

Isa feels so strong may be due to resistance . She competes against a bunch of question marks. Most take half of Thursday on how to set different lighting and effects.

David Lindgren presents a laser show. The problem is that the laser is hard on the TV screen, making it pumped out so much smoke on the stage that the press can amuse themselves by playing “Where’s David?” For several minutes.

Premiere Launch Wiktoria is in turn absolutely still, a little skewed to the right. Then she looks straight ahead. Then she spins in one revolution. And standing motionless, a little skewed to the right again. The reason is that the images are projected onto her catsuit.

If she stands a few centimeters defects of the poor projector a nervous breakdown. Issue’s choreographer, in the context of nationally famous Anton Ewald , must otherwise have TASK easiest job.

Others are more analog. Finland-Swedish Krista Siegfrids Flap motor racing checkered flags (huh?). And boy trio Patrik Isaksson , “Mr. Black” and Marty Robbins content with three modest lanterns.

What will draw the viewers? Good question.

But Isa should win with bandy numbers.


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