Thursday, February 11, 2016

Barry Manilow acute hospital – set up concerts – Aftonbladet

Barry Manilow has been rushed to hospital, according to his official Facebook page.

The singer has had complications after an operation in his mouth, as he did earlier in the week.

Now, he is forced to set up several concerts.

the 72-year-old singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, among other things, known for hit songs like “Copacabana “forced to cancel tonight’s and tomorrow’s concert in the United States.

the singer performed an emergency operation in the mouth on Monday and now he has had complications, according to Manilow’s official Facebook page.

“Right now it is unclear whether Manilow will be able to go at the Grammy Awards on Monday” , says on the Facebook page.

Barry Manilow is nominated for a Grammy for best Pop Album for his latest album ” My Dream Duets “. It is the 15th time he has been nominated.

The artist is currently out on his last tour ever – “One Last Time – One Last Tour ‘. The tour is supposed to end in London on 23 June.

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