Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oscar Zia came out in a frank interview in Aftonbladet. – Aftonbladet

Oscar Zia came out in a frank interview in Aftonbladet.

Now he is celebrated in the celebrity world.

“Cheer up Oscar Zia! Strong and well done, the model you are, “writes Jessica Almenäs on Instagram.

In a personal interview Nöjesbladet opened Eurovision-aktuelle Oscar Zia , 19 up on something he thought about a long time.

he had decided to finally share all over himself.

– I thought: can I be the girl idol and homosexual? I did not know where it went, he said.

The openness estimated. Now flowing tributes from both famous names and fans on social media.

One of the sending positive heckling is Hosted by Jessica Almenäs , 40 who published a picture of himself and Oscar together on Instagram.

“cheer up Oscar Zia! Strong and well done, the model you are. And yes, it is clear that one can be gay and girl idol. And her idol. And Aunt idol. Kisses to you baby, “she writes.

” Are you 100% “

Almenäs is backed by Nanne Grönvall , with 53.

“Oscar Zia – welcome out of the closet. It is now life begins, when you finally get to be yourself. You are a wonderful person, and the person or people you are attracted to sexual is something that no one has to do, “wrote the singer on Instagram.

She also fits on raising how much the interview with Oscar Zia means for other young people.

“I hope the day will come when no one even need to tell you about the” orientation “to have. Oscar, we’re with you 100% and your decision will help the other guys and girls in the same situation that also dare to take the plunge. “

” Welcome to the “

” Diggiloo “- colleague Magnus Carlsson , 41 also sends a warm greeting.

“a great and important step Oscar Zia – above all for yourself; for it is you that is most important in all of this! I remember myself how scary and loaded it felt to move from girl idol the girl idol to be … myself, he writes.

It also makes opera singer Rickard Soderberg 40.

“Welcome out, Oscar Zia!” he wrote on Twitter followed by a heart.

Hailed by fans

Also in the comment field at the Oscar Zia’s own Instagram raining accolades of pop artist.

“What a nice article in the paper today. What a fine example you are! You are awesome, and I wish you success in life and in your career! Looking forward to hearing your song in Mello! I really like you! “Wrote one fan.

” Very nice article about you today and I have been in a similar situation. How cruel brave of you. Can only say good luck in the contest, “writes another follower.

On February 20 Oscar Zia compete in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song” Human “. It was important for him to come out before then.

– I just felt that I can not stand on stage without knowing that what I do is a hundred percent true, he said.


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