Friday, February 5, 2016

Anna Book critical låthanteringen – Aftonbladet

Gothenburg. She took revenge on the scene.

But after the dress rehearsal directed Anna Book sharp criticism of TV company in Moldova that published her tävlingslåt.

– It is disrespectful of them, she says.

Anna Book , 45, completed his number out of competition during Friday’s rehearsal of the Eurovision Song contest.

Already in morning, she told that she would appear and afterwards she was hailed with a standing ovation from the audience at the Scandinavium.

– it was like I got a nice patch around the heart, for it has been open, open wound, so when I walked in and heard my music and my dancers and get their love and then see the whole Scandinavium rise and to hear the cheers, it was amazing, she says, and her voice choke up.

” very little respect “

It’s been a tough day for Anna Book since Aftonbladet’s disclosure that her song” Heaven for two “already published in Moldova after having been submitted in their selection for the Eurovision song contest 2014.

But after the dress rehearsal directed her sharp criticism of the molaviska broadcaster TRM’s handling of the song.

– I feel no shame and no guilt, there is so far from my control as we possibly can, but I would blame anyone, it would be somewhere in a land far away with very strange rules and very little respect for authors, she says.

– it’s disrespectful to let other people’s music without that it takes place under controlled conditions so that you know that the song is exhausted.

Anna was dealing devastating.

– I have been heartbroken, I have not been able to sleep a wink. I have received jättefint support, everyone has been really sad. I will not be able to stand in the finale that I hoped for and there will always be a regret. But the most important thing for me is to create a hit, to show people a new song, she says.

was supported

Even Melodifestivalen executive producer Christer Björkman targeted on Friday criticized the Moldovan procedures and argued that they should embrace the Swedish way of doing management. The SVT selection process sent all the songs that are not selected back to the authors.

– So how it should be, we borrow just right for a song during a time that is our selection process, right after we leave back song. We do not retain rights in any way, he said.

Bjorkman also made sure to support Anna Book after the dress rehearsal.

– I was front and hugged her afterwards and thanked for her did it so well. She seemed happy and content, it looks like it will work well for tomorrow, he said.


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