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Polar Prize to Max Martin and Cecilia Bartoli – Sveriges Radio

It is the first time the award is given to a pure songwriter. Moreover, it is this time to one of the most influential in the region, notes Kulturnytts Berit Nygren:

Max Martin has been involved and made songs that topped the US sales charts Billboard about 20 times in the last more than two decades. It just seems to be Beatlar as John Lennon, Paul McCartney and their producer George Martin, who has had more.

Max Martin, or Martin Sandberg as his real name, has written and produced lines of Britney Spears largest successes such as “Baby One more time.” He has also collaborated with acts such as Robyn, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Last year, he was named the year’s producer on the American Grammy Awards, and soon he can win a new Grammy along with songwriter Shellback and Taylor Swift for “blank space”.

“No composer in the world the last 20 years writing songs that had greater carrying capacity and has become more widespread than Max Martin” writes the jury in the reasoning as to why he gets this year’s Polar Music on the popular side.

at the beginning of his career produced Max Martin including several hit songs for the Swedish pop band Ace of Base. The singer Jenny Berggren remember a versatile young producer with “rap jaw” and an eye for detail:

– I have rarely met someone who is so versatile. He is a judge of character and it is not surprising that it’s been good for him, he’s a nice “merge” of great knowledge. I know very few people who can be there, but he can feel the composer.

If Max Martin has built musical bridges in our time as this year’s recipients Polar Prize at the art side – the Italian mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli – built bridges between our time and the music that was written hundreds of years ago. As when she was about this year released a disc of Russian baroque, “St. Petersburg”.

Yes, Bartoli are musical gems which she performs with her rich timbre and three octaves voluminous voice. She “has developed as an art song, and she adds new chapter in the history of music, building bridges between the centuries and deepen knowledge about Europe’s cultural heritage,” the including juyns justification.

If the choice of Bartoli says Johan Korssell, the host of the classic magazine “CD revue” P2, including in the audio clip below:

– an obvious winner, absolutely.

We have of course sought Cecilia Bartoli for comment but her manager says that Bartoli these days is fully busy preparing his succession magnificent concertante version of Bellini’s opera “Norma”. It should immediately be set up in Monte Carlo.

If the election by Max Martin says Germund Stenhag, music editor at P3, among other things like this in the audio clip below:

– He’s a huge songwriter. It would be ridiculous to say anything else.

The prize is 1 million to each of the winners.

The ceremony will take place in Stockholm concert Hall on 16 June.

the citations in its entirety:

Max Martin

the Polar Music Prize 2016 awarded to songwriter Martin Sandberg from Stockholm, Sweden, known as Max Martin. Melodies wearing time. Melodies define their time and spreads between people across borders, across generations. No composer in the world the last 20 years writing songs that had greater carrying capacity and has become more widespread than Max Martin. Right now, at this moment, is there anyone in the world who sing in a hit song written and produced by Max Martin. With his ear for vocal melodies, their musical precision and craftsmanship, he has refined and developed the global popular music.

Cecilia Bartoli

The Polar Music Prize 2016 awarded to mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli from Rome, Italy. With a vocal range of three octaves and a unique empathy and expressiveness has developed Cecilia Bartoli singing as an art. Cecilia Bartoli has enthralled the audience at the premier opera houses, but not content with the known repertoire. In parallel, she researchers look for their own dug deep into the history of music and featured long forgotten and the contemporary new music from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. Cecilia Bartoli adds new chapter in the history of music, building bridges between the centuries, deepen knowledge about Europe’s cultural heritage. Cecilia Bartoli show that raised voices change the world.

Winners in previous years:

1992 Paul McCartney and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
1993 Dizzy Gillespie, Witold Lutoslawski
1994 Quincy Jones and Nikolaus Harnoncourt
1995 Elton John and Mstislav Rostropovich
1996 Joni Mitchell and Pierre Boulez
1997 Bruce Springsteen and Eric Ericson
1998 Ray Charles, Ravi Shankar
1999 Stevie Wonder and Iannis Xenakis
2000 Bob Dylan and Isaac Stern
2001 Burt Bacharach, Robert Moog and Karlheinz Stockhausen
2002 Miriam Makeba and Sofija Gubajdulina
2003 Keith Jarrett
2004 BB King and György Ligeti
2005 Gilberto Gil and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
2006 Led Zeppelin and Valery Gergiev
2007 Sonny Rollins and Steve Reich
2008 Pink Floyd and Renée Fleming
2009 Peter Gabriel and José Antonio Abreu
2010 Björk and Ennio Morricone
2011 Patti Smith and Kronos Quartet
2012 Paul Simon and Yo-Yo Ma
2013 Youssou N’Dour and Kaija Saariaho
2014 Chuck Berry and Peter Sellars
2015 Emmylou Harris and Evelyn Glennie


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