Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stefan Sauk has been hacked on Facebook – Expressen

Stefan Sauks Facebook has been hacked.

One post on his Instagram and Facebook have attracted much attention at the weekend – which shows a swastika on a woman – which is called a “bitch”.

– It is not me who put it up. I have no idea how it got there, the actor says.

It was the weekend that the post was published on the actor Stefan Sauks Instagram and Facebook page.

The post contains a picture of an Asian woman with a swastika just above his chest.

“Cape Town International Airport last night, the woman at the check enjoying her power when she finds 6 kilos overweight. asian , underbite, glasses and red lips, “it says, among other things, in the caption.

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” Removed the “

The posts created great attention in social media and when Expressen calling Stefan Sauk on Sunday he explains that it is not he who has put it up.

– You I saw that, I’ve come home Cape Town now and I have removed it. But it is not me who put it up.

What happened, have you been hacked?

– I have no fucking idea. It has happened before in fact. It has been Instagramkonton who have been faked, where they have put up a fake conversation between me and Jan Guillou. It happens now and then.

There is thus a false user or is there anyone who has gone into your account?

– I have no idea. I have just flown home from Texas has been on a plane since 0:25 last night. But I saw that it has rattled this on Facebook a lot. I have managed to take it away now but first went there. I thought that someone had hijacked my account because I could not reach it himself.


Several have responded

The post was quickly spread on social media and many have responded. “Sad and angry about your statement on Facebook. Do not understand anything”, a person has posted on Twitter. Another wonder if it’s a bad joke: “Unsuccessful attempt to irony and humor?” Writes the person.

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Sauk says that he will try to sort out what has happened to the account on Monday.

– I have some hacker friends, I’ll call. That may take hold of that and look at what it is about. I do not know, I’m not a hacker yourself, it is common, occurs like this ?, he says.

The post is now deleted from Stefan Sauks Facebook and Instagram.

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