Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SVT-profile forced fined after tax abuse – Expressen

SVT-profile and writer Clara Henry has not reported its looks revenue.

Now, needed her at 100 000 SEK from the Swedish Tax Agency, according to Dagens Media.

“I had no idea how it works,” she writes in an SMS to Expressen.

Clara Henry, 21, who is current with its Book “Yes, I have periods, Why?”, has been audited by the Tax Agency, reported Dagens Media.

According to the site is required Youtube star and former SVT profile is now over 100 000 of the Tax Agency. The reason is that she has recorded compensation which she received from the US MCN Full Screen Inc. during the years 2013 and 2014.

The revenue relating Clara Henry’s Youtube channel, which has more than 375 000 subscribers. The last clip that Clara Henry uploaded, “Feminazi”, has nearly 90 000 views. Several of her cutting several hundred thousand impressions.

“There is a lot of money”

Clara Henry says tax fumble for Expressen:

When I was 18, I became an employee of the Full Screen. It was the first extra job I had and I had no idea how taxes work. Since the money came from the United States did not see the Swedish Tax Agency that I made money, and then I was not a declaration form so I spent it not direct any thoughts , “she writes in a text message.

Clara Henry says that she assumed that everything was as it should be.

Now have my earnings reported a couple of years too late, but then I have of course paid the tax that never was recognized in 2013 and 2014 before I started my business. I started my business around the time I joined my current närverk splay is görbra that help one to pay tax properly . “

It must be a tough blow?

There is a lot of money, yes. However, I have never directly wasted the money I earned so they are paid then a while back. For me, this is quite rivaled . “

Clara Henry former host of the Eurovision Song Contest

Clara Henry has previously had her own talk show on Channel 5 Play, and she has also been host of “Uppsnack” and “Eftersnack” during the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 on SVT Play.

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She has also appeared in, among other things SVT program “Valfeber” and summer talking in P1. in 2015 she made her debut as an author with the book “Yes, I have periods, Why?”. She has also toured with his lecture “Youtube deadly serious” and been a reporter in Musikhjälpen SVT.

In May last year told Clara Henry that she was sedated after the gala gold tube, where she earlier that night received the award for “Best vlog”.

powerlessness is overwhelming. Find my phone and see nine of unread text messages from people wondering if maybe got a little too much yesterday. I do not even know what to answer, because all I remember is that I just drank a beer. Danced. Laughed. And so I got that drink in the booth.

… hell. That drink. That’s the last I remember. The rest is flatly , she writes in the blog.

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