Monday, February 8, 2016

The profiles confirm: Insurrection on SVT Göteborg – Gothenburg Post

The crisis on the SVT Göteborg is total. Now Janne Josefsson support of a public service heaviest profiles in town, TV host Belinda Olsson:

– There is a rebellion on SVT Gothenburg, she says to

the first smoke has not had time to settle before more SVT profiles choose to denounce the lead on the SVT Gothenburg.

After Janne Josefsson told GP that his confidence in management is “seriously tarnished” stands now Belinda Olsson behind his colleague.

the meeting with Ylva (Ylva M Andersson, SVT Gothenburg director, editor’s note) in today confirmed the crisis of confidence that is in the company. Our boss can not stand up for what she wants to do. She does not answer the questions, she can not stand for that which is done, says Belinda Olsson.

GP experience to SVT Gothenburg director Ylva M Andersson for a time wanted to put a Programme manager who will become head of the other managers, with reference to the community manager Mette Friberg need relief.

the decision meant that Mette Friberg, head of the social department, temporarily deprived of responsibility as program manager for Mission review in 2016.

This is Mette Friberg and UG chief Nils Hanson opposed, and the conflict has led to Mette Friberg taken sick leave and social editorial staff now openly criticizing his top manager.

– It was a bad informed decision by Ylva because Mette himself did not want this, says Nils Hanson.

– the criticism of Ylva is hard and the employees are upset by what has happened. The argument has been that you want to relieve her by taking her away from Mission audit. But it is a headless solution because UG is rather self-sustaining and it is one of the programs that Mette works least.

How bad is the decision?

– the situation is serious because Mette has a key role here. Her absence will mess up there. It’s very boring. It affects software development where Mette is a strong driving force. Mette is needed.

Belinda Olsson, who is one of the presenters for new major investment SVT Opinion of SVT Gothenburg’s biggest stars, was one of all profiles who attended the meeting.

– UG -folket Sophia Djiobaridis, Janne Josefsson, Ali Fegan – all were at the meeting and asked questions but they got no answer, says Belinda Olsson.

in the midst of the conflict, she and society newsdesk launched SVT Gothenburg’s new major venture, SVT Opinion, which replaced långköraren debate came to an end last winter:

– for us, the crisis triggered a chaos, because we have been without our community chief in the middle of this launch . It is a rebellion on SVT Göteborg now and it is important to talk about what is going on. And so we stood and launched a new program in the middle of this, says Belinda Olsson.

– The core of the conflict is how the UG to be controlled, but many of us are experiencing this crisis of confidence. I feel saddened by this meeting. On a charitable plan, we have a colleague and a community manager who is on sick leave because of this. There’s a certain tone deafness of the lead against them on the editorial floor, management has attempted to control the state of the community editorial that I am very proud of and that really stand united against the lead now. Now written an open letter to the leadership and the only thing we learn is that SVT Gothenburg director Ylva M Andersson wanted to make big changes that she is not at all rooted in the organization, which has created this uprising, says Belinda Olsson.

GP has fetched the highest head of SVT Gothenburg, Ylva M Andersson, who did not want to comment on the conflict, but also refers to the HR Director Helène Sahlin.

– I do not have a full clear picture of what has occurred, but I understand that there has been a difference of opinion, said Helène Sahlin GP earlier in the day.

GP have searched Mette Friberg without success.


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