Sunday, February 7, 2016

TV4 had to retire – after the threat of violence – Expressen

fracas between Sara-Marie Costa and Ewonne Eneroth degenerates into ‘Farm’.

Now tell reality show participant that production had to stop at least once.

– I said to the production that I’m afraid she’s going to beat me, says Sara-Marie Costa.

It was in Sunday’s episode of “the Farm “TV4 as Sara-Marie Costa explains the reasoning behind the participant she selected first fighter, Ewonne Eneroth.

Sarah-Marie Costa and Ewonne Eneroth earlier in the season, fought several times.

Pottering different hard

And in Sunday’s “Farm” degenerated fraction.

Sarah-Marie Costa said that Ewonne Eneroth not working as hard as the other participants.

– I’ve been through all the missions. I do not bullshit. I do not understand, she says in the program.

Afterward, she becomes more critical:

– How the hell can you say that when I worked the whole day? How can you say that I have not worked? I have been on any mission, says Ewonne Eneroth in the program.

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Now says Sara-Marie Costa that she did not think Ewonne Eneroth dried hear the truth.

– it was hard enough for her to take it, because it requires self-awareness, and she has not. It would have been easier for her if I said she was a threat, but she was not, she says.

“I’m afraid”

But the fracas that appear in television box is not everything that happened, according to “the Farm” -deltagaren. Sara-Marie Costa says she had a dialogue with the production.

– I said to the production that I’m afraid she will beat me or anyone soon. I said it to production are already a few weeks in, that this man is unstable, she said.

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Output interrupted

in a previous section will Ewonne Eneroth angry bullshit and urges the others not to talk more behind her back.

– do I hear someone make it so they go on a straight right, she said then in the program.

Sarah-Marie Costa says that production had to stop filming there.

– What you did not see on TV was that the producer after she raised fist, got to come in and break and tell her cracking down. TV4 accept Nor do such things, says Sara-Marie Costa and continues:

– When she said it was just a joke, that she was just joking. It was not fucking funny anyway.

On TV4 is meant to be a dialogue with all the participants.

“The production is in place all the time and we talk constantly with all participants . What was said specifically, and to whom, we do not go into, “writes Joel Bendrik, executive producer of the Farm, in an email.

Finally met Ewonne Eneroth and Sofie Pettersson thing, and Ewonne Eneroth forced to leave ‘the Farm’.

Expressen has unsuccessfully sought Ewonne Eneroth for comment.

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