Friday, February 5, 2016

The surface will take over in “The Danish Girl” – Sveriges Radio

The long journey to finally come out and be yourself, so you can summarize “The Danish Girl”. How the woman Lili Elbe finally get to show off to the world, and how the old identity, the Einar Wegener be scrapped and forgotten.

As usual in films dealing with transgender life, it is the change itself as much in focus. In this case, the shift from Einar Lili. Einar try silk socks, women’s clothing, makeup … we’ll see Lili’s first public appearance, and then how Einar gradually disappear and be replaced by Lili altogether.

But perhaps the best thing about “The Danish Girl” is the transformation just about the exterior. To Lili has always existed, even if she went around with menswear for much of his life and called Einar other. Deep down, she has always been a woman, even if others saw her as a man.

But this development is met by a growing panic in Einar’s wife, Gerda Wegener – portrayed by Alicia Vikander as this proves that she belongs to the international acting elite.

And it is precisely the relationship between Lili and Gerda who is the film’s second main track. A relationship that is further complicated by the fact that it is Gerda paintings by Lili giving her career accelerated.

There has been a sort of LGBTQ history on the silver screen. A year came as “The Imitation Game,” about the gay Alan Turing. And just like the movie so investing “The Danish Girl” on the broad audience and is a combination of epic drama, popular education tools and eyes open before the sexual-political history.

And that subject is still controversial globally’ve shown when “The Danish Girl” banned in several countries in the Middle East.

The director Tom Hooper has earlier made films like “The King’s Speech” and “Les Miserables” and move as usual comfortable in the costume film genre. Maybe a little too convenient. There is simply too neat and polished.

Sure succeed Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne still shine in their roles. But they feel hard and restrained as if their scope all the time is limited, as is wedged in costumes, sets and rekvista.

Yes, at times the actors actually feel themselves as part of the props, when the movie gets so busy being a big movie that it almost loses the spark of life and the surface takes over completely.


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