Friday, February 5, 2016

SVT allows for Mello – to protect Book – Expressen

SVT protect Anna Book after washing.

The artist will not repeat his song in public – while written the entire script and washed from the joke about the Book.

– the writers have sat up half the night, says Christer Björkman.

on Thursday called SVT lightning inserted press conference.

This after data on Twitter claims that Anna Book song “Heaven for two” already in 2014 competed in the Moldovan selection for Eurovision, something Aftonbladet was the first to report on.

the grant was disqualified.

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– this song is disqualified. As an artist, I am absolutely devastated at having to do this. But this disclosure policy is one of the most basic rules we have said Christer Bjorkman at the press conference.

Anna Book occurs despite washing

But in fredagsmorgongen became clear that Anna Book will appear out of competition in the contest.

– the ambition is we know it. She received the offer. And this morning, she has said that she wants to be involved and perform the song. But she’s fragile. She is sorry and we hope that she will cope, says Christer Björkman.

SVT also protects artist during the tough times.

Anna Book will not repeat its contribution during the public rope .

First on tonight’s public dress rehearsal Anna Book will be involved.

– in this case it will be in the evening she will attend. She will not scratch the day. She will not scratch at all on the day. She will get there in the afternoon. We made several rehearsals yesterday so the number is right there. It will be fine, says Christer Björkman.

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SVT cleans away Anna Book of script

Much of Saturday’s script was about Anna Book and her 30 years as an artist.

But after washing, SVT has decided to wash the script from Anna Book references.

– the writers have sat up half the night . It is not the time to joke about it, says Christer Björkman and continues to talk about how the channel supports Book:

– Any support she needs. To the extent that she calls us, we are right there.

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