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Ace Wilder’s criticism of the Frenchman for the finale – Expressen

Frans Jeppsson Wall has shielded himself – he is worried that the great resurrection will affect him negatively before the final.

Now directed rival Ace Wilder scathing criticism of the favorite, after plagiatanklagelsen.

– Frankly, they are equal, says Ace Wilder.

At the same time spreading unrest – SVT can not guarantee voice’s security.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall is superior favorite for tonight’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

During yesterday’s rehearsal combed artist home audience survey – with 32 percent of the vote.

now directed rival Ace Wilder, who came sixth in the poll, scathing criticism of the artist.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall investigated by the record label PIAS Recordings. This after several responded to the artist’s song is very similar to Matt Simon’s hit “Catch & amp; release”.

– Frankly, they are equal. It happens. You write songs and get inspired. And so … It happens sometimes. I do not think it will affect him. People love him. It is quite impossible for SVT to sit and check all the songs all the time. It’s good to be noticed it takes to deal with it then, says Ace Wilder.

Is it on the line?

– I have not heard the whole route. But it was very similar. He does it very well in their way. They do it very well in their way. I do not want to say anything. It puts me in trouble, says Ace Wilder.

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Frans Jeppsson-Wall says he shielded itself from criticism.

– It’s a thing I never took up. It gets someone else to take care of. Since it appears that the dissolved. But I do not know. I’m not up to date, says Frans.

In addition, the artist has chosen to turn off the big commotion.

– I do not allow it to affect me. I displays of pretty much. Everything possible from affecting me not so good. I start thinking too much, a little too much stress. When performing, I do not, he says.

At last year’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest crashed röstningsapp SVT introduced last year.

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SVT can not guarantee that voting can work. Now spread concern among the performers.

Ace Wilder says she is one of those who may be most affected by a possible crash.

– Yes. Does it happen, tackles it then. SVT can not give any guarantees. You have to take it then. Holy shit, she says.

On SVT says that the app is safer than last year. However, no assurance can not be provided.

– Of course it does not do. We have received such guarantees 99.99 percent. But. It is clear that it can happen. It may well be something completely different. Last year, they were not prepared for the onslaught. They have fixed. Last Saturday, when it was at its worst it came out half a million per minute. Then they were up in 17 percent of capacity, says Christer Björkman.

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