Saturday, March 12, 2016

Frans crushes all – according to the Swedish people – Aftonbladet

Frans Jeppsson-Wall, 17, is heading towards a landslide victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In Aftonbladet / Inizios investigation he support from 35 percent of the Swedish people.

– Damn it’s fun. I take it, I really do, says Frans.

Now, only the international jury convict him.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall and the song “If I were sorry” has by far the lowest odds at gaming companies, most streams on Spotify, tops the sales charts and now the Swedish people had their say.

According to Aftonbladet / Inizios statistically reliable survey wants 35 percent of Swedes to Frenchman to win the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Swedish People’s runner-up, Molly Sanden , 23, with the song “YOUniverse,” only get the support of 11 percent.

– It’s statistics, it is … Damn, it’s fun. I take it, I really do, says Frans.

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the people have only half the power

at the same time, he does not let it go to his head.

– I will not digest it until afterwards. For it is one thing that can get stuck in your head a bit before tonight, says the favorite.

The Swedish people have, however, only half the power in the evening. Half of the points set by the international jury and were delivered already last night after rehearsal. In the same way that happened in 2013 when Yohio was the Swedish people’s favorite, while Robin Stjernberg took the win thanks to the jury votes, would be a contender to knock out the Frenchman.

But for that to happen, the eleven juries from as many Eurovision countries unite around a single challenger and also give the Swedish people’s favorite consistently low scores. In advance talking about tonight’s finale has no such Jury Favorites been singled out.

“We are here to have fun”

In the absolute bottom in Aftonbladet / Inizios survey ports Samir & amp; Viktor with the song “Swim Naked”. Only one percent of respondents want to see the duo as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. But it is not likely to affect their mood on stage.

– We are not here to beat Frenchman. We will not win, we’re here to have as much fun as possible and get as many as possible in it, says Viktor Frisk ; 21.

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