Saturday, March 5, 2016

After 9-year-old SERMON – now account Christer Björkman – Göteborgs-Posten

9-year-old Simon Bengtsson love real pop. Therefore, he Melodifestivalen app scrapped. Now he gets a reply from Christer Björkman.

In an interview with Swedish Radio P4 Halland explains Simon Bengtsson why he and his brother have sent a letter to Christer Björkman .

– It’s about your app away for it allows popular song goes out, he told the radio show.

he is tired of to schlager song after schlager song has gone out of this year’s competition and calls Christer Björkman to rescue popular music.

In addition to throwing out Melodifestivalen app Simon Bengtsson more an idea how the competition should be repeated.

– You share in the genre in different races. A popular song contest, a hip-hop contest, a ballad contest so that it becomes a little of each in the final.

He has not great hope that Bjorkman to bite.

– Nooo, but Christer Björkman’s schlagerenthusiasts heart. So maybe it will be so.

Now answer Christer Björkman to the criticism in an interview on He does not agree that the app is behind Schlager death.

– We have seen such development in Melodifestivalen fifteen years. The app is new in context and is not a trigger for profit, he says to SVT.

However, he is impressed of the idea to have different genres in different races and myself have been on the same track.

– It is ursmart thought. If it were not for the goal to collect different genres – and therefore different target groups – at every program it would have been an optimal solution.


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