Saturday, March 5, 2016

Here partying the last finalists: “I’ll drink down Viktor” – Aftonbladet

HALMSTAD. After the victory flowing victory crony.

And the clothes have been thrown as a popular movement.

– I’ll drink down Victor again, who earlier this week said Samir Badran.

this week nervpärser released.

Finalists Boris René and Saraha was first recorded at the after party and sprayed the victory champagne around.

– I’ll dance on into the moodet, says a segerrusig Saraha.

the final was also Panetoz – and Samir and Viktor who decided to repeat the wild acid at Viktor Frisk’s birthday party on Wednesday night.

– I’ll drink down Victor again, who earlier this week said Samir Badran.

– No, it will be quiet, I’ll go to bed early, says Viktor Frisk .

– he will not do. We are going to party, drink and have a blast.

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“A hug all night”

They pushed out their friends in Dolly Style from the competition – but the duo and trio bonded quickly after the result was clear.

– Shit what we’re going to have fun tonight we’re gonna party with our boyfriends and families and maybe take a little champagne glasses – and with Samir and Viktor course, says Alexandra Salomonsson Dolly Style.

Pamodou in Panetoz promised skin – and created a popular movement.

– There will be naked, he said, and took off his shirt.

Shortly thereafter exploded Samir and Viktor “Bathing naked” on the dance floor and the two artists tore off his clothes and danced wildly with Samir’s father Ahmad .

Should make out the winner – now

Molly Pettersson Hammar went admittedly, but partied iron.

and promised to find – and make out with – this year’s winners already.

– I think because I did it last year so I can bjussa to do it again now and make out with this year’s winner. Either I keep it a secret or I do not like it, but it was not so good to keep secret last, she says and laughs.

If you have someone in mind?

– Well, I think the Frenchman to win, but he’s too young for me and he’s not here. Tonight’s winner’s Boris according to me, so we’ll see!

“to dance like crazy”

The overall performers enjoyed sampling a buffet of French potato salad and club sandwich canapés.

gina dirawi sat by the program leaders table and suddenly crazies when DJ Quick’s “Trap Queen” was played and went with her company for significantly rocking on the dance floor.

Tonight’s guest host Ola Salo and Peter Jöback came to the after-party together. None of them had with the family, former Nöjesbladet said Jöback they would hug all night.

– I eat sweets and dance like crazy, says Ola Salo.

– The sounds good, I hang at Ola says Peter Jöback.

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