Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ainbusk: “Can not believe it’s true” – Expressen

On Sunday found Ainbusk member Josefin Nilsson dead in his bed.

Now speak the band for the first time out of grief after the tragic event.

– I feel a great sorrow and can not understand that it is true, says Annelie Roswall to the newspaper the entire island.

it was Sunday morning as Josefin Nilsson and her sister Marie Nilsson was out and went for a walk with Josefins mongrel dog Trejo. When they returned to the house after the walk went sisters and lay down to rest in his room.

But Josephine did not wake up again.

Now, says Annelie Roswall – who played in band together with Josefin Nilsson, sister Marie and Birgitta Jacobsson – for the first time of grief following the announcement.

Provides Josefin Nilsson

– I feel a great sorrow and can not understand that it is true. I could not take it and asked again and again whether it really was right, says Annelie Roswall to the entire island.

– There are things that may not happen. Josephine had an incredibly big heart and was going on with life again.

Members of Ainbusk have been together for over 30 years. Annelie Roswall remember Josefin Nilsson’s voice with heat.

– There is no voice Josefins. There was no one left out so much and gave so much of her singing as she. It was a special sound of our voices together, she says to the whole island.

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Josefin Nilsson lived with her sister

Since Josefin Nilsson made a hip surgery lived sister Marie in her house to help her.

Josefin Nilsson had a problem with his hip because of its rigid operated back, and suffered in recent years, also hair loss. What the latter depended on the doctors do not know.

– It was not at this level that you felt that Josephine was in bad shape. But I think that maybe she was hiding it very well, too, says his friend Thomas Sundstrom.

– She was humorous about their ailments, and why did not it so seriously. She felt so incredibly strong, he said.


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