Wednesday, March 2, 2016

“Ullevi will be Springsteen’s last big show ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

Of course you can laugh at it, the almost manic relationship between Bruce Springsteen and Ullevi audience. Yesterday it became clear with a third concert, on July 23, almost exactly a month after the two evenings that are already sold out.

It was not many minutes before the fun was and raljerades in social media about Springsteen soon take over sing at Liseberg, and he’ll make dinner show at Rondo throughout the fall. And certainly not against me, Bruce Springsteen remains the most entertaining rock star can be seen on a stage. But seriously, I think it’s just the opposite. When Springsteen and his legendary E Street Band steps off the stage at Ullevi sometime just before midnight on July 23 he concludes also the long journey that began in London in 1975.

There will be no more big tours in Europe. At least not in this format.

To Springsteen will take the band on another extensive world tour required a new album. Such is indeed finished, but it is a more low-key “solo album”. So tell me a new plate of two or three years and then the whole machinery drawn in once again. Springsteen may be seventy then. Well, I know that the Stones still rolling, but it’s a different kind of band with a different kind of show.

The E Street Band is more of a beautiful, organic collective and that no other band managed to death snatched aside two members. But there are still a far physical and mental borders in order to be able to keep the level in three and a half hours on giant outdoor arenas. Night after night, week after week. Few artists have such good track of themselves and their music as Springsteen, he understands what it is about. He will not be shuffling around like an exhausted circus horse. However, he will surely continue to play for him in smaller formats for many years.

So it is only here and now in force. It originally was going to be a handful spontaneously booked gigs on US soil to celebrate The River-box quickly grew into a proper US-turn which then was built on the large outdoor arenas in Europe.

summer play Springsteen at the San Siro in Milan, the Nou Camp in Barcelona and Ullevi – arenas that have become classic venues for him and the most dedicated fans. There, you already know in advance that it will be amazing. But Springsteen also do concerts that are not as obvious successes. The gig in Rome that would have finished the tour will probably not be sold out and I can understand that he did not want to finish on a half-full of grass in a summer hot Rome.

Bruce Springsteen was thinking about and choose instead to finish the tour at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. He would of course never say it out loud, but I think he sees the concert as a kind farewell. He will take out completely. Yet in the tiles. Do not miss it.


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