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Alicia Vikander wrote film history “- Aftonbladet

Go Sweden, healthy mood.

Alicia Vikander, 27, not only wrote film history when she won the Swedish film’s first acting Oscar in 42 years.

She also did it with style. Held a sovereign acceptance speech. Contributed to a price to.

And it will probably not take as many years before she stands there again.

actually thought Kate Winslet would fix the price of its more explosive supporting role in “Steve Jobs”.

A miss, I gladly offer.

A remarkable number of Swedish actors have succeeded abroad in recent years. Alicia Vikander can be said to stand as a symbol of their success, for her breakthrough has been both faster and more overall than for anyone else.

In just the past two years, seven international movies with her premiered. Many think that she might as well have been nominated for her role as a robot in the sci-fi film “Ex Machina”, who never got the chance to the cinema in Sweden. Now won the film an Oscar for best visual effects and the stage got Alicia warm thanks of the winning quartet.

But of course it is acting prize , we’ll remember.

for her mother, the actress Mary Fahl Vika Flinders , merriment, in the chair to the left of Alicia.

Alicia quick kiss to the man next on the other hand, the actor Michael Fassbender , also Oscar nominated and her boyfriend some years now, even if they have never talked about it.

Alicia sovereign acceptance speech. Where she thanked both her director Tom Hooper ( ‘Where are you?’ She asked spontaneously, when she found him in the pews) and your opponent Eddie Redmayne “raised the bar for her acting “and where she also had time to get into some Swedish phrases.

Because she always occur with such style at all galas. Was great in interviews both on the red carpet and behind the scenes after the win.

I think she had more fancy dresses to at other galas, is nothing to worry about, for what I know about fashion …

to understand exactly how big it is to a Swedish actor to win an Oscar, we should put it in context.

in fact, it’s just a single Swedish actress who won the award before. Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982) of the main roles in “Gas Lights” (1944) and “Anastasia” (1956). The last win for her was for best supporting actor in “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974).

42 years ago!

Ingrid Bergman was nominated then himself for Best Actor in Ingmar Bergman film “Autumn Sonata” in 1978. Lena Olin was nominated for best Supporting Actor in “enemies, a love story” the following year. Max von Sydow was also supporting actor nominee for “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” five years ago.

For Alicia, it may well just take a year before she sits there again, as the Oscar-nominated, and nervously waiting to any other film celebrity to open an envelope with a note with her name on it.

Two main roles in prestigious films will premiere later this year. Two love stories. The “Tulip Fever”, she plays against Christoph Waltz . In “The Light Between the Oceans” against the boyfriend Michael Fassbender . A film about the director Derek Cianfrance has said that he hoped the good chemistry between the protagonists and that it only became a positive surprise that it struck sparks on them both in front of and beyond the film camera.

In summer learning “Jason Bourne” with her and Matt Damon to become one of the major audience successes.

Oscar profit will hardly give her fewer roles to pick and choose between …

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Chris Rock not only was absolutely superb as a host, he also tackled # OscarsSoWhite campaign in an excellent manner. Both powerful and fun in monologues, jokes and filmed sections, some right provocative, as if black people who are shot by police officers when they are on their way to the theaters.

• On the whole, was the gala exceptionally well made. Both entertaining and with his heart in the right place. Lady Gaga -The song from the documentary film about sexual abuse were raised in an extremely powerful way. Should of course have won. The winning James Bond song is the all-time worst.

Eva von Bahr and Love Larsson masks Robert Gustafsson the “hundred year-old …” were defeated by Mad Max team. But a great honor and recognition to be nominated. If they want to, it might lead to one and the other (more well-paid) jobs abroad.

• By far the funniest presenter: Louis CK ..

• Largest favorite Leonardo DiCaprio was then, at last, his Oscar. Sure, it was certainly painstakingly both freezing their asses off in nine months, and fight with a grizzly bear in “The Revenant”, but he grunted the most by the role. But it was his turn now, after having lost four times, three times incorrectly, in my opinion.

Had expected a more emotional speech, maybe, instead, it was towards the end, a call for safeguard our environment.

• And a real winner, we were never.

“Spotlight” won fair for the best film, but not much more. The team behind “The Revenant” had probably expected more than three prizes in twelve nominations. And have a feeling that the director George Miller gladly had won the only prize for the best film or directing, rather than to win six smaller coveted prizes.


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