Thursday, March 3, 2016

The grants are sharpened to the Second Chance – Sydsvenskan

– After the race, I looked at the number I was sitting in a TV sofa and saw it for the first time. Then I felt that I want more closeness to myself, it was probably a bit too many images far away, says Isa Tengblad.

Albin & amp; Mattias is investing in a completely new outfit for the song “Rich”. Or it’s mostly about the color – from black to white.

– It was Alan’s idea. We think it was crap nicely with the black, but because our numbers are quite dark, we think that it can pop out a little with white clothes. When we checked the rope, it felt like clockwork to change, says Mattias Andreasson.

New clothes hanging Also Molly Pettersson Hammar lodge. She changes from white to red dress when she sings soul Dangan “Hunger”.

Samir Badran it is also about taking care of yourself in order to perform well in the contest. Gympassen he has long worked with and everyone who has seen “both naked” performed know it given him magrutor. But since the New Year, he decided to change his lifestyle a bit.

– I was in Los Angeles and Las Vegas before New Year’s partying down brutally in two weeks. Then it was including Christmas Day with a sick party. Then I decided to concentrate on the Eurovision Song Contest and turned as well on everything. I’ve hardly met friends, girls and family but just focused on making the show, says Samir Badran TT

Samir & amp; Viktor desires lot of confetti on Saturday. But at the press conference before the duo’s rep had no desire fulfilled.

– I want us to pound the brutal confetti in the last chorus. It will be a real bomb-bomb with confetti over the whole thing. Then it becomes a winning feeling, even if we do not go ahead, says Samir Badran.

But it is not only performances that get new expressions. This year bolts SVT second chance to make the competition – with the already famous songs – even more exciting. The goal is that no one will want to leave your living room on Saturday.

It’s about revealing the winners and finals starting order in a new way. And to offer even more emotion.

– This adds excitement and drama. It is so obvious as all committed to be in the finals next week. It’s about winning or disappear, says exekutive producer Christer Björkman.


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